About Famous Psychics

If you’ve spent any time watching TV lately, you’ll likely have flipped through some of the famous psychics that have been featured on various television shows. Oftentimes the people we see on TV become incredibly familiar to us- after all, they are in our living rooms every day! However, it can be difficult to determine what is real and what is not when it’s on the TV.

Television psychics may seem like hacks, and unfortunately that may be true for some of them. Like any other industry that has been featured on ‘reality’ television shows, there is some element of artistic representation and editing that can be done to make things seem more dramatic than they are in real life.

My name is Melody Jones, and I created this website to highlight some of the world’s most popular psychics, both on television and off-screen. These psychics have lived in different generations, countries, and some speak different languages; what brings them all together is the belief that they are able to connect with psychic and spiritual energies better than the average person can. Men like Nostradamus didn’t have the benefit of television back in the day, and yet his predictions and ideas have lasted hundreds of years.

Regardless of the method, psychics can connect to the energy around us. Whether you are sitting in a room with a psychic or medium, talking to them over the phone, or receiving an email reading, a truly gifted psychic can connect to your psychic energy and intuit your message. A television psychic is just some who has taken their practice in front of a video camera.

Women like Sylvia Browne, Linda and Terry Jamison, Theresa Caputo, and Jeane Dixon are well known for their interactions with their audiences, as well as their abilities to connect with information that no one else knows. In addition to John Edward, Uri Geller and others, these psychics stun the audience with the clarity and accuracy of their psychic connections.

If you want to learn more about these psychics, check out their biographies on my website. There’s more information about finding your own psychic reader and understanding more about psychic energy, intuition, receiving clarity, and much more.

If you’re curious about psychics, what’s real, and what isn’t, keep reading! I’ve compiled information about finding your own genuine psychic, what popular psychics are doing and saying, in addition to resources you can use to find your own spiritual reader.

-Melody Jones

Famous Psychics