Who is Pam Coronado?

Pamela Coronado is a psychic that is a medium. She begin her work on her gifts when she had a dream of a woman that was missing from California. This happened in 1996 and her dream started her doing psychic criminal work.

Psychometry and Intuition

Pamela realized that her work to see into things in the spiritual world could be helpful to law enforcement. She went to them and told them information that was probably scary to share because of her gifts being looked down upon by some people.

She was able to give them information though that caused her to have respect from these people. She began to train and much of her work came from another popular psychic named Beverly Jaegers. She was also taught by a parapsychologist named Alan Vaughan.

Television Appearances

Pamela began to appear on television in 2001 and a documentary was put on New Line Cinemas about her. This work showed how she changed into a psychic and how she grew and the different premonitions that she had that came true.

Because of this show, other movies were made such as the “Final Destination,” movies and then other shows such as:

  • Sensing Murder
  • We See Dead People

The shows were made by popular companies such as Discovery and A&E. Some believe that these television appearances and these shows help to increase the idea of psychic gifts and what they really are.

Pam’s Life

Pam took her gift seriously, and she decided to use her abilities to work in fields that were able to help other people. She teaches information on remote viewing, astrology, astronomy, psychic predictions and more. She got her private investigators license and started a project called “Project Search for Hope,” which is a non-profit organization of psychics that have people that are missing. This project looks for people that are missing under suspicious activities and is a resource when law enforcement help has ended.

Final Thoughts

Pam believed in her abilities, and she believed that everyone could have abilities and that those that have them are able to increase them and develop them. Some, of course, have more natural abilities but regardless, they can be increased.

She believed that a psychic gift is like a muscle and the muscle can be built and grown and that people that are serious about their gifts can see their gifts take off. If you think that you have a psychic gift, you can get online and take some of her classes. She even teaches a class about being a psychic detective where she shows you how you can make a career out of this gift.

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