Life Lesson and Soul Purpose

Everyone has come on the planet because of who they are. There are lessons that everyone agreed to take on before they were even born into the world. These are part of your spiritual self.

The karmic lessons that you learn in your life can be exciting and fun, but they are also hard lessons. They might even lead to trauma and failure. You have to learn to handle these problems and learn your lessons along the way.

Life Lessons

The lessons that you learn are what will help you to reach who you are. You will reach your higher self and you will learn from things along the way. As you learn, you will find that holding on to denial or refusing to learn will only cause you to miss your journey.  As you refuse to learn, you will slow down on your path, and you will not reach your purpose.

You have to learn to move forward and learn to let your life plan work for you. The lessons that you learn in your life are there to give you insight and to help make you a better person. You will see that life is different than you have seen it in the past.

The lessons that come to you are not there to destroy you or to make you someone else, they are just there to show you who you are meant to be. Sometimes these can seem dangerous and when they are over, you will see that there are qualities that you have that are amazing. The gifts and qualities that you have were given to you to bless you.

Fulfilling Your Lessons

As you fulfill and work through your lessons, you will see that each lesson is a learning place. You will learn new things over and over again but if you don’t learn, you have to keep repeating it. You can refuse to follow through the learning process, but it only hurts you. You will have to experience the pain of this lesson over and over again until you choose to learn it.

The Path of Life

Psychics often find that people that have strong hearts have many lessons to learn. They have to learn about love and if they are lightworkers, they have to learn even more. They learn to be empathic to others and to show kindness and generosity to others. They learn that the earth is a place that they were given to take care of. This allows them to be good to others.

They are people that are meant to bring joy and peace to the earth, and they are healers and angels. These things that you do might be hard to go through but as you learn the lessons and take the steps, you will see where you are needed.

The paths that you go through in life can be challenging and they can be a struggle. If you have to keep repeating your lesson, it can be hard to overcome. But you will find that you will end with love in your heart for yourself and for others.

The problems that you have had in the past will seem to disappear. You will get past your toxic relationships, and you will learn the lessons of your own faults.  You will find healing and you will see that you are kind, understanding, that you have unconditional love and that you can bring peace, joy, and happiness to the earth.

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