What to Do When Being Ghosted

When you invest in your relationship, chances are that you become vulnerable, and you put in a lot of effort to make things good. When ghosting happens, it can be painful and you can normally tell that someone is ghosting you because you will be getting to know them and then suddenly, they stop contacting you through social media, texting or anything else. The effort that you put into the relationship doesn’t change the fact that ghosting can happen, and it can happen at any stage.

No matter when ghosting happens though, it can be hurtful. It can make you feel rejected, hurt, insecure and all kinds of other emotions in between. Ghosting says more about the person that you are in the relationship with than it does you and so instead of taking on the burden that you caused it, keep reading.

People that get ghosted usually have chosen someone that has bad communication skills and someone that is afraid of facing confrontation. You need to pay attention to the situation around you in order to understand why you were ghosted. But even if you don’t understand it, here are some ways to not handle being ghosted so that you can keep your pride and your ego intact.

Don’t Send Angry Messages

You might want to get answers as to why someone would treat you like this and it can be tempting to blast them in order to get an apology. The best thing that you can do though is to refrain from messaging them and to not stalk their social media so that you can get them off of your mind.

When someone doesn’t answer you, you have to take this as an answer. This basically tells you that they don’t want to speak to you anymore and even if you feel negatively about this or you’re blaming yourself, it isn’t your fault that someone couldn’t text you and tell you what they were feeling. The best kind of closure is to just let it go so that you can move forward.

Send the Right Kind of Message

Even though ghosting is one of the worst ways that someone can break up with you, the way that you communicate can help you to feel better about everything. Don’t let your feelings get the best of you. Before you would even send them a message, ask yourself why you want to even do this. Most people want answers because ghosting makes you feel that you have no control and if you do give in and send a message, do it the right way.

Once you send your message, don’t chase them but walk away. Don’t contact them anymore and refuse to chase them.

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