How Does Past Karma Affect You?

Karma is never forgotten, and it is carried from one life to the next. Your life is something that can happen over and over again, according to reincarnation, and when you are facing negative things in your life, it could be karma that is carried over.

Here are some things that happen with past life karma:

  • Karma Doesn’t Stop

Karma isn’t like some things that come and go, karma doesn’t stop. This means that when you have karmic debt to pay back, it will follow you until it finally catches up with you. Karma can be neither good nor bad, but it is what happens according to the actions that you take.

  • People and Coincidences

Karma is part of everyone’s life. If you are in karmic relationships, you have to deal with the relationship until it is over. You need to know that there are no people that are in your life by accident and the more you admit and accept this, the better you will be able to deal with it.

  • You Are Part of Your Karma

Karma is something that comes according to the things that you do. Karma isn’t being punished for things that you have done wrong; it is just what happens to you from what you have sowed in your life.

The thoughts and the actions that you have will be part of your karma and so if you live your best life then good things will come to you.

  • Reversal of Karma

Karma can make people reverse in a reincarnated way. This can mean that your parent can come back as your child, or you might be a child in the life of someone that you parented at one point or the other.

Before you reincarnate, you will see that your soul will act according to what karma says about it. Whatever you have to heal in your karmic self will come to you from your previous life so that it can be taken care of.

  • Karma is Full of Results

The best thing about karma is that it will keep repeating itself until you learn your lesson. It is meant to teach you to take the right actions in life. If you keep having the same kinds of relationships over and over again then you need to pay attention to the choices that you are making.

You need to look deep into your life and see what kinds of weaknesses that you have. Look at your faults and look deep. Don’t be afraid to see what needs to be changed in your life. This is a way that you can change your karma and stop going through repetitive patterns.

Final Thoughts

Pay attention to your karma and see what you need to change. Make sure that you are following your destiny and that you are living your best life.

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