Who is Sylvia Browne?

Sylvia Browne is one of the most known psychics and she claims to have had and known about her giftings since she was 3 years old. She has relatives that are also psychics including her mother, her grandmother, and her son. Many believe that psychic gifts are passed down from generation to generation and this isn’t a surprise that so many in her family have these gifts.

One great thing about this in her life is that she was never discouraged or put down for pursuing her gifts.

Schooling and Life

Sylvia is known to have a master’s degree in English Lit and she is also one of the top sellers on her spiritual books. Many of them talk about topics such as:

• Meditation.
• Angels.
• Past lives.
• Future lives.
• Soul.
• Tarot cards.
• Creation.

Sylvia is also known because she has seminars for people that are searching to find their own personal psychic gifts and she also does radio and television shows.

Psychic Gifts

Browne believes that her psychic gifts came because she is on a higher vibrational frequency than other people are and that she knew this since before she was born. She also says that she has seen and knows just what heaven is like and that she is able to use her gifts to see angels and other spirits.

Sylvia claims to have spirit guides that she is able to talk to that help to guide her and lead her. Of course, Sylvia doesn’t believe that she is always able to give an accurate word or read. She knows that the gifts that she has are limited to the things that she can see and what her subconscious mind and lessons let her know.

She also knows that there can be a change in what the future holds depending on what people do in the now.

Law Enforcement

Despite the fact that she isn’t always right, Sylvia has been known to be able to work with law enforcement to help them to solve cases. She would do this for free and would give predictions.


Even though Sylvia would do much of her work for free, whenever she gave a prediction that didn’t come true, people would come out of the woodwork to make sure that the world knew this. Sylvia knew that having predictions was more than using the regular five senses and that it went beyond the physical dimension.

Her biggest critic was James Randi who put his life out there to try and prove Sylvia wrong. Even though he thought she was a fake, Sylvia is considered one of the most successful psychics around and even when she has messed up, she is still great at the gifts she has.

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