Who is Micki Dahne?

Micki Dahne is a psychic that is considered to be famous by her appearances on court cases and doing television shows where she showed off her abilities. Micki is known as being a psychic that is able to see into the future and she knew that she had this gift even as a girl.

As a girl, she would tell people in her town and her area different stories and they would find them funny, especially when they would actually come true. The stories that she would tell had people raving about her abilities.


Micki is known as a psychic and has been involved in a variety of things including:

• Rated the Number One Psychic by National Enquirer.
• Radio.
• Television.
• Readings for regular people.


Even though Micki is a psychic, she also has a daughter that is a psychic as well. Her daughter Jill is also considered a professional psychic, and many believe that the psychic gifts are passed down from generation to generation.

Some believe that the reason that there are children that become psychics after their parents are that the parents are so open to the gifts that they don’t stifle them in the child, but they let the child do what he or she was given as a natural gift.

Do Psychic Gifts Get Passed Down?

The truth is, no one is really able to tell if psychic gifts can be passed down from generation to generation because of the fact that these are not phyiscal but spiritual gifts. Many believe that everyone has some kind of psychic powers, and it is when the person builds and develops those gifts that they become more prominent.

Psychics will tell people that are looking for their gifts to try things such as mediation, crystal energy help and to learn to trust their own personal intuition to let these thing build. They also suggest seeing a psychic so that the psychic can lead them on the right path as to what their gifts really are.

Final Thoughts

Micki Dahne is one of the professional psychics that will do readings for people on television, and she will also do readings for regular people. She knows that her powers are strong, and she uses them to help others and to make a living.

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