Who is Nikki Morgan?

Nikki Morgan is a medium and she wants to see people on their way to their healing journey. When there are people that are suffering with grief and they have no peace because of a loss, she wants to help. She also has a heart for those that aren’t sure what steps to take next in their life journey.

Nikki offers people readings where they can talk to a spiritual team about their deceased loved ones, and they can get the peace that they are seeking. This is a safe place to share your life and your heartache.

Who is Nikki Morgan?

Nikki has worked with many international mentors to help her to embrace her gifts and to work on building and trusting her intuition. She has dedicated her life to improving others’ lives by working on her spiritual skills. She has helped people all over the world.

As a child, Nikki realized that she had a spiritual gift. She was able to empathize with people that were sad, connect with animals and she would be able to share information from somewhere other than books, somewhere in the spiritual world. She couldn’t quite figure out where the information came from, but she let her intuition guide and direct her.

In 2007, Nikki was at a low point in her life, and this is when she decided to tune into her spiritual gifts and to focus on the energies around her.  She decided then that she wanted to help other people that were struggling.

She is a medium that wants to help people through their life journey and through their pain by helping them to connect with loved ones that have passed on and by encouraging them to figure out what their life destiny is.

Facts About Nikki

Here are some things that Nikki wants you to know about her:

  • He meditates and does her daily practice early in the morning.
  • She uses her iPad everyday and takes it everywhere she goes.
  • Her favorite vacation spots are Florida Keys and England.
  • Her favorite quote is, “Gratitude is Medicine.”
  • Her favorite movie is, “Practical Magic.”
  • Her favorite hobbies are traveling and going on road trips.

What Does Nikki Offer?

Nikki offers clients a place where they can feel safe and where they can be who they really are. She wants to work with people that will let her listen to them and will let them feel what they are feeling so that she can understand them. She will leave her clients having peace of mind and clarity and they will know that they have the love and support they need when times are hard.

Here are some things she offers online:

  • Personalized readings.
  • Mediumship readings over zoom or in-person.
  • Blog on mediumship.

Nikki Morgan is a spiritual medium that is in Southwest Florida. If you are looking to connect with a loved one that has died, talk to Nikki, and get the help and hope you need.

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