Who is Lydia Clar?

Lydia Clar is considered a famous psychic. She is a person that believed that everyone in the world had psychic gifts and it was up to them to use them to make the world better. She would share her gift to everyone that she met.

Lydia also believed that even if you have a little bit of psychic gifting, you could increase this by working hard and giving it your all. She felt that you don’t have to give everything to be a psychic and that you can take the little bit that you have and change the world.


Lydia spent much of her life studying her talent and working to become a better psychic. She went to the Inner Vision School in New York and the Transcendental Psychic Arts School in New Jersey. She is also known for studying Silva Mind Control.

Telling People What to Do

Lydia believed that no one should tell another person what to do and that we need to look at the bigger picture. She believed that there is always something else and a different path that someone can take. She felt that people should take the path that they believe that they should be on.

Lydia also believed that if you have strong psychic powers that you should look at these things if you desire that and not let other people tell you not to do that.

John Edwards

Some believe that Lydia helped John Edwards to make his psychic path work for him because she believed in him and the gifts that he had.

Lydia’s Background

Lydia know that she was psychic when she was a child. She didn’t embrace these gifts right away because of something traumatic that happened to her. She later looked deeper in herself after something happened to her mom and she needed her.

Even though she started looking at her gifts, she didn’t really let them come out until she got her own reading at the age of 18 and this brought everything out for her. She was impressed by the work, and she decided to make it part of her life journey.

Not only does she do psychic work, but she also volunteers her time to volunteer so that she can bring blessings to the lives around her.

What Lydia Teaches

Here are some things that Lydia teaches other people:

• Psychic enhancement.
• Meditation.
• Psychometry.
• Evolution.
• Spiritual matters.

She is known for books and also does appearances for television and radio.  If you want to know more about Lydia Clar, look her up online.

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