Some of the Most Famous Psychics

People are often skeptical of psychics and the abilities that others say that they have. There are many famous psychics that you can find when you do a search. These psychics have been known all over the world and they are known for their supernatural gifts.

The thing about psychics is that you have to find ones that are true, honest, accurate and ones that have actually contributed to truthful readings. When you find psychics like this, how can you question if they are real or not?

Our Psychics

The psychics that we found to be the top psychics are known for their accuracy, the specialties that they use for their readings and the contribution that they have done in society. This means that they have done something that people remember and find to be amazing.

Some of the psychics listed have been on television or more. Psychics will always be around, and this list shows you just how important they have been in the lives of others.

Lydia Clara

Lydia is one that has inspired other people. She believes that everyone ahs a gift and that they have talent, but they have to find it and develop it. She studied her own gifts and went to the Inner Vision School in New York and then the Transcendental Psychic Art School in New Jersey. She also is known to have studied Silva Mind Control.

Lydia knew that she was a psychic as a child, and she had this hidden inside of her after something traumatic happened to her. She later used her abilities after she had her own reading at the age of 18. This inspired her to use her gifts and now she is known as someone that teaches meditation, psychometry, evolution and has written books, traveled, been on television and radio and does her own psychic readings and appearances.

Miki Daphne

This psychic is one that does court cases on television. She doesn’t remember a time that she wasn’t able to see into the future and she has a natural gift and has surprised people with the stories that she would tell that actually came true.

She is known for her television, radio, readings for rich people and was voted the “Number One Psychic,” through the National Enquirer. Miki does readings for famous people and for ordinary pew pole and she has a daughter who is also a psychic.

Allison DuBois

Allison was a television medium, and she was known as a psychic that was gifted. When she would see something bad that was going to happen, she would avoid things but would later find out that her prophecies were symbolic and that this would affect the lives of people around her.

She believes that people that die by suicide don’t go to hell, that animals have no soul and just go on to the afterlife like people do and that hell is a real thing where you are separated from your loved ones in dark energy and isolation.

Ingo Swann

Ingo is a famous psychic and an artist. He is the one that founded remote viewing, which is what he is most known for. He worked with the CIA and the Stanford Research Institute for his remote viewing ideas. He was able to follow where an envelope went and who it was given to.

When someone would get the envelope, they would tell Ingo telepathically and he could draw out and describe where they were. He was very accurate. He created a form of remote viewing called CRV or Coordinate Remote Viewing which would help people to find geographical coordinate.

He realized and showed people that the universe could see any target at any time and that there were no limits to the past, present or future. Many people found him to be controversial and he claimed that he traveled to Jupiter and orbiting moons and that Jupiter had rings just like Saturn. This was later found to be true.

Ingo believes that everyone has psychic gifts, and they have to work outside of their state of awareness to really use their gifts.

Derek Acorah

Derek is a psychic and medium and he has a gift in clairaudience. He was able to give his grandmother a gift from his grandfather that died. He was someone that pursued football in England and Australia and then went back later to make himself known as a medium. He wrote many books such as “The Psychic World of Derek Acorah,” and he became popular in England where he went on television.

He was able to become a member of the International Society for Paranormal Research after a psychic test and he was featured in documentaries. One of this specialties is that he is able to talk to ghosts and communicate with deceased loved ones, some more than 1500 years old.

Derek loves to share his visions, but he is often misinterpreted and ridiculed for what he shares, like many other psychics are.

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne got her master’s degree in English Literature, and she has psychic family members such as her mom, son, and grandmother. She has written many books on meditation, angels, future and past lives, tarot cards, soul and more. She has been on television and different shows throughout the world.

She claims that her abilities are there because she is at a higher vibrational frequency that others aren’t, and she knows that there are angels and can see into different dimensions. Sylvia doesn’t claim to be accurate all the time and she knows that her mind has lessons that she had to learn.

She would also work with law enforcement for free and was known in the psychic community with her public predictions. Some of her predictions failed but she knows that no one is perfect.

Many people criticize her and are critical of her work, especially for the times that she missed it. One of her biggest critics is James Randi who works hard to prover her wrong.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar was a psychic that was able to do remote viewing and was able to extend it beyond time and space. He would put himself in a sleep trance so that he could see things beyond the physical. He was able to answer questions while he was in a trance and it gave him information on the meaning of life, astrology, business, the future and other things.

Cayce wrote books about health, and he has impacted many people. He believes in soulmates, Akashic records, meditation, and other things that he taught about. He was also a natural healer and would make healing a central theme for years.

He would publicly talk about things that most people would ignore, and he helped to bring meaning to many teachings including Freud and others. He predicted things such as the World War 1 and World War 2, when the Depression would end, racial problems in the United State and assassinations.


Nostradamus is very famous, and he was born in 1503 in France. His family were Jewish, but they converted to Catholicism when Michel was a young boy. He studied Jewish occult and astrology, and he was introduced to Hebrew, Greek and Latin. He studied medicine in France which got him a bachelor’s degree and he helped to develop treatments for the Black Plague.

When he was 26, he went to Mont Peller where he studied towards his doctorate degree. He left school and fell in love, got married and had two children. But his children and wife died of a disease, and he went to Italy to continue teaching on the plague. He wrote a book called “Traute des Fardmens,” and learned about medicines around the world.

In 1555, Michael de Nostradamus wrote another book with over 300 predictions including the death of Henry II, the husband of Catherine de’ Medici, the French Queen and more. As he got older, his health started to deteriorate, and he was later found dead and buried in Salon. His son later found writings of his prophecies and published them in 1568.

The prophecies that he wrote have been confusing to people but many things that he talked about have come to pass such as the Presidential assassinations, 9/11, the Iraq war and more. Many people have their own opinions on if Nostradamus was a psychic or not.

Pam Coronado

Pam is a psychic medium and she started doing psychic criminal work in 1996 after a dream that she had about a woman that was missing in California. Her abilities have helped find missing women in law enforcement.

She was respected and trained with Beverly Jaegers and Alan Vaughn who were psychics and parapsychologists. Pam was on television in 2001 in a documentary about her psychic work and she also was the reason behind the movie Final Destination.

Pam believes that everyone has psychic gifts, and she even teaches classes on her website about how to be a psychic detective. She has a private investigators license, and she sells CD’s, books, and other things. She also has a project called “Project Search for Hope,” which is a non-profit organization that helps people that have missing family members.

You can sign up for Pam’s newsletter for free and she will share information on psychic predictions, case files, astronomy and more.

Famous Psychics