Differences in Psychics

There are different terms that are used such as mediums, psychics, and other ways to describe those that have a sixth sense. The term psychic is generally a generic term that says anyone who has a gift to understand things by the natural law.

Mediums are people that are able to connect with spirits while those that have clair gifts are able to get messages through their feelings and sensations without having the information. These terms are similar, but they are different, and each reader does something different.


The term psyche means consciousness. This can mean your spirit and your soul and different parts of you. It is a general term that tells you who you are but isn’t something that you can actually touch. This is the part of the mind that becomes psychic.

A psychic is a person that is able to connect with the energies of someone else. They are able to tap into the soul of another person and get information without anyone telling them anything. This information can be about the past, present or future. Psychics are also able to read auras.

Psychics are highly sensitive and are able to tune into those that are around them. They can use their intuition and their gut feelings to know something is going to happen. They are able to guide those that want to talk to them and get a reading from them.


A clairvoyant is someone that has clear seeing. They are people that are able to see things such as images or visions. They are able to use their mind to see these images and then they can help people to know what is going on. They are able to see events, people and more.

These are people that have images that can be communicated to others. When they do work, they are able to tell the future and to tell what kind of truth the person is seeking. When someone comes to them with a question, they can answer the question and help it to make sense.

Sometimes the images are there but the clairvoyant has to interpret it. There are also people that are clairaudient and can hear into the spiritual world.


A medium is a person that is able to use their psychic gift to speak to the spiritual world. They can get and give messages from those that have passed on. They are able to reach into the spiritual world of the next life and can give messages that people seek after their loved ones have died.

A medium is able to comfort those that come to see them. They assist people in being able to have a conversation with someone that they have lost and has died. They have a strong gift, and many people will seek them out so that they can use their gifts for comfort.

These kinds of psychics can also be contacted by spirits. Sometimes they are able to reach their own spirits like their spirit guides and the figures that are there to help them through their own journey. They can speak to ascended masters, and they can get the information that they need to live a better life.

Final Thoughts

Clairvoyance is a gift that both mediums and psychics often have. A person can be a psychic but not all psychics can be mediums. Most psychics will have more than one gift and even if they do, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are psychic or that they are clairvoyant. The gifts that they have take time to develop and to grow.

Psychics, clairvoyants, and mediums have special gifts that help them to reach beyond the physical world and to give answers to those that are looking to find peace in their life. They can give guidance and offer insight into another world.

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