Different Types of Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are not like the vampires you read about or watch on television, but they are people that steal your good energy. They might be someone that is your friend or someone in your family but if you find that you feel tired and drained after being around them, chances are they are an energy vampire.

These people are people that are needy and dramatic. They are people that need lots of love and care. Here are the different kinds of energy vampires:

Narcissist Vampire

Narcissists are people that think the world moves around them. They want to have all the attention and they want to be constantly praised. They know how to make people like them, but they always have strings attached when they do nice things.

What to Do About a Narcissist Vampire

  • Don’t have high expectations for them. They will make you think that they are stable in their emotions, but you will see that they are just playing you.
  • They want their ego to be stroked and if you need to be away from them, tell them you need a break.

Raging Vampire

This is an energy vampire that will attack you and try to control you. They act terrible around people that they say they love, and they are people that say things that they often regret later, but they still don’t change. They are always yelling or arguing and have loud personalities.

What to Do About a Raging Vampire

  • Tell them that you hear them. This can cause them to calm down.
  • Don’t get worked up and stay calm even if they are yelling.
  • When they get loud, leave the room, and let them see that you aren’t staying for that behavior.

Victim Vampire

The victim vampire is one that thinks everyone, and everting is against them. They are always a victim and have a victim mentality. They never take responsibility even when they cause drama.

What to Do About a Victim Vampire

  • Have clear boundaries. Even if you are happy to have them around, make it clear that you cannot always be around them if they are always going to be a victim.
  • Keep the calls that you make with them limited to 3 minutes. Don’t try to be their therapist but suggest that they find one of their own.

Drama Vampire

The drama vampire is one that will always be surrounded by drama. They will be addicted to this, and you need not allow it.

What to Do About a Drama Vampire

  • Don’t ask them what is going on in their life or how they are doing. You will get caught up in their drama if you do.
  • Don’t let their story drag you in. Stay calm when they tell you a story and don’t show interest in what they say.

Controlling Vampire

This kind of energy vampire will always share their opinions even if you don’t want them. They will give you their advice and they will criticize you for all the things you do.

What to Do About a Controlling Vampire

  • Make sure that you aren’t acting defensive and learn to look at the situations in your life on your own.

Talking Vampire

The talking vampire is one that will always have a lot to say. They won’t let you get a word in edgewise and they make you feel totally drained and tired after being around them for very long.

What to Do About a Talking Vampire

  • When they are talking non-stop, interrupt them and say what you need to say. Sometimes you might have to be firm with them.
  • Make a joke out of how they are being such as saying, “I can’t get a word in edgewise.”

Passive Aggressive Vampire

This kind of vampire is someone who will be angry and will express what they are feeling with a smile. They will refuse to admit that something is wrong, and you will spend all of your time trying to understand what is going on in their mind and heart.

What to Do About a Passive Aggressive Vampire

  • Listen to your intuition. Just because they are upset doesn’t mean that you cannot figure out what is wrong with them.
  • If they won’t give you an answer, tell them that it is important for them to address what is going on.

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