Who Are the Psychic Twins?

The psychic twins are Linda Jamison and Terry Jamison. These are two people that are known internationally, and they are called the “Psychic Twins.” They are some of the most known psychics in history and they have a record of over 3000 different psychic predictions that are accurate.

These twins are known for their prediction of the World Trade 9/11 attacks, the Pentagon attacks, the England and Paris terror attacks, Belgium attacks, the Las Vegas shooting, Orland Florida terrorist attacks, Boston Marathon bombings, the increase of ISIS and the Barcelona attacks.

These two have been psychic mediums for over 25 years. They are identical twins, and they are known because they have been able to give psychic predictions that were accurate around the world. They even predicted the death of JFK Junior, the Lufthansa Germanwings plane crash that happened, in complete detail. They predicted the different hurricanes including Maria, Irma, Harvey, Sandy, Irene, and Isaac.

Other predictions that they made correctly were the Houston school shootings, the Newtown school shootings, the “Dark Knight” California shooting, the flooding in 2012 and 2017, tornadoes in 2011 and 2013, earthquakes in 1999 and 2014 and the Sony cyberattacks that happened in North Korea.

Linda and Terry Jamison also predicted the crash of the stock market in 2000, Leonardo DiCaprio winning the Oscar in 2016 and they were able to predict all of the winners of the Oscar awards in 2009 that they gave on the Tyra Banks Show.

Books, Television and Radio

The Psychic Twins have been on many different television shows around the world including:

  • ABC Nightline Beyond Belief.
  • The View.
  • Good Morning America.
  • Oprah’s Own Network.
  • Tyra Banks Show.
  • The Insider.
  • The Unexplained.
  • Keith Ablow.
  • Saturday Night Life.
  • Today Show.
  • Sunrise Australia.

They have also been on different documentaries including:

  • The Psychic Twins.
  • Yahoo Unfiltered.
  • Psychic Children.
  • Extreme Twins.
  • The World’s Most Identical Twins.
  • Hollywood Ghost Stories.
  • The Mystery (Aired in Fuji and Japan).

Another thing that the Psychic Twins are known for is their YouTube channel that is called “The Psychic Twins,” and they were one of the fastest growing debut channels that happened in history. They have more than 790,000 subscribers to their channel.

Final Thoughts

The Psychic Twins are some of the best-known psychics in the world. They are considered to be very accurate, and they have won over many people that were at first skeptical about psychics because of their accurate predictions.

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