Who is Allison DuBois?

Allison DuBois is a psychic television star and people know that she is talented in her psychic gifts because there was a television series that was made after her gifts. The series, “Medium” was a series about psychic detectives that use their gifts in order to help find missing people and to help solve crimes.

Gifted Psychics

If you are a gifted psychic, watch the show “Medium” so that you can learn more about what a psychic does and how their gifts touch the lives of many people. This show documents things like visions and symbols and how psychics deal with these things.

For example, if Allison saw something bad happening in a vision and her husband was on the plane, how does she handle that? This might make her assume that it is dangerous for her or her husband to fly but what happens if they choose to fly anyways but then nothing bad happens?  Does that mean that Allison is a bad psychic?

Even though this is a tricky thing, psychics experience things like this all the time. The truth is that this could be something symbolic that was seen in the form of a plane crash. Symbols are a big thing in the psychic world, and it is important that psychics are able to distinguish between psychic visions and symbols and what things mean.

If you are a psychic and you have symbolic vision, you need to figure out how much of this is a literal thing and how much is symbol.

Snapshot Visions

Another thing about the show “Medium” is that it shows that snapshot or flash visions might be something that you shouldn’t read so far into. Allison in this show sees her husband holding a woman and they are close, almost intimate looking. This made her feel that her husband was having an affair and that was why he was always going to work and working so late into the evening.

The truth behind this flash vision though was that the woman was being held by her husband, but this only happened because he was doing the Heimlich maneuver on her because she was choking in a restaurant and needed saving.

Allison’s Viewpoints

Allison is also known to have different views than some other people have including:

  • She doesn’t believe that people that commit suicide go to hell.
  • She believes that animals have no souls, and they pass over to an afterlife like people do.
  • That hell is a very real thing in the afterlife but that it is a separation from your family and friends.

Allison DuBois is someone that has her own beliefs and her own thoughts when it comes to the psychic world. She is a gifted psychic that believes that energies are real and is someone that has visions that give her information.

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