Feeling Your Aura by Using Your Psychic Gifting

Your aura is your energy field, and this is what comes out of your body and protects you like a shield. People can see the aura with an energy field with there being heat that leaves the body. This leaves the aura having different colors. A medium can see and know what colors the aura is.

Even though the aura will change, and this will determine how you feel, it is hard to see your own aura sometimes and it is even harder to feel it.

There are ways that you can practice seeing your aura. One way that you can do this is to rub your hands together fast and then pull them apart in a slow manner. When you feel the heat from that, it is your energy from our aura.


The best way to be able to see your aura is to get comfortable. Lay down and be really quiet and keep your mind calm. Close your eyes and deep breathe.


Put your arms at your side and put your hands together over your stomach. Put your fingers from each hand touching together. It will make you look like you have praying hands. This is when you should be completely relaxed, and you will see that your fingers will bend on their own.

Your fingers will be there and will be relaxed and you can pull your hands apart like you are holding something between your hands.

Pull Them Apart

Take your hands and pull them apart slowly. Then push them closer together but don’t let your fingers touch.

If your hands do touch, you will feel your aura leave and you will not feel it anymore. The aura is the part of your hands that are resisting going towards each other. It will feel like you have a pillow or a balloon between your hands. Squeeze your hands together and feel your aura.

Move Slowly

Once you feel that there is resistance, move your hands back and forth. Feel the resistance. This is your aura.

You can begin moving your hands back and forth and you will be able to feel your aura for as far as you pull your hands back. You can do this even up to 36 inches apart and you will still feel your aura.


Your aura is there, and it is made up of different energies and different colors. Your aura is there to protect you from energy that is negative.

You can see and feel your aura if you practice and try your best to relax when doing this.

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