How to clear your chakras using the color therapy

Both physical and emotional diseases can be healed by the vibrations of distinct hues. This is what color therapy is all about.  This is what I usually engage in like a rainbow energy healer. For you to comprehend this, you have to know that every color has its wavelength on the visible light spectrum. There is a difference between shorter wavelengths and longer wavelengths. The shorter wavelengths which are made of violet and blue, have faster frequencies and vibrate more than longer wavelengths. Distinct colors have different properties and each shade of light is used by the color therapy on the skin to help the body in healing emotional and physical trauma.

Specific shades can help balance different chakras and the physical emotional systems associated with them, this is according to color therapy.

 First chakra: red

This is the color that the first chakra vibrates with. it is located at the base of the spine and represents home, physicality, needs, grounding, and survival. It is physically tied to the skeletal, lymphatic system, legs, feet, and ankles. It is essential to keep this chakra in the balance because it is the origin of all the chakras. Anxiety, worry, and disconnection from the world around you can be caused by blocks in the first chakra. I usually recommend my clients to wear red color if they want to feel more solid and connected to the earth.

Second chakra: orange

This chakra is located under the belly button and represents creativity, sensuality, emotions, sexuality and one -on -one relationship. Try wearing the color orange if you feel stuck with a new project. It will open your creativity and balance your emotions.

Third chakra: yellow

This is the color that the third chakra vibrates with. it rests at the solar plexus and is the seat of your power. It represents life-purpose, self-esteem, and willpower.  It also has a relationship with physical energy, metabolism, large intestines, stomach, and liver. Yellow is a color you should wear if you need to boost your confidence.

Fourth chakra: green

This particular chakra vibrates with the color green. It represents love, joy, and compassion.  It has a physical relationship with the heart, lungs and chest area. Try wearing green to uplift your spirits if you are feeling sad.

Fifth chakra: blue

This chakra vibrates with the color blue. It is all about telling the truth, speaking your mind and expressing your creativity. It has a physical relationship with the throat, neck, and thyroid. If you feel like you’re unable to express what’s on your mind or you fear to speak in public, try wearing a blue turtleneck.

Sixth chakra: indigo

It is frequently referred to as the third eye and lies in the space between the eyebrows. It vibrates with the color indigo and centers your intuition. It involves trusting your instincts, imaginations and realizing your dreams. It has a physical relationship with the forehead, temples and pituitary glands. If you are trying to trust your instincts and open up your physical outlets, then indigo is a great color to wear.

Seventh chakra: purple

It is also known as the crown chakra. It vibrates with the color violet.  This chakra has a physical relationship with the head, brain, and nervous system. It connects you to the spirit and divine energy. Use purple color if you want to raise your vibration.

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