What Does it Mean to be Clairsentient?

Do you have someone in your life that you go to whenever something is wrong? Are they someone that you feel can know what you are feeling and can understand you? Maybe you are able to talk to them and you feel that they are strong and that they see things. Chances are that this person can be clairsentient. This means that they are able to feel things in the past, present and the future and they are able to know the emotions of other people without asking them.

People that have this gift use their five senses, but they also use another sense which is intuition. This helps people to be able to get information from things that are not alive and to use it to understand others.

Understanding Clairsentient Abilities

Someone that is able to get information from the psychic world are able to sense things and to use their feelings to understand other people. They help people by using their feelings to read them. Some people will use telepathy to read their mind.

Clairsentients are people that are often mediums, and they can connect with people that have passed over. They are able to feel things inside of them from the spirits and they are ablet o express what they hear and feel.

These people can understand what a person is feeling and help them to make decisions that they are facing in their life.

Signs of a Clairsentient

Being clairsentient can mean that you are able to understand people and use places and other peoples emotions to know things. Your emotions and feelings can help you to understand someone better. Here are some ways you might know if you are clairsentient:

  • You were sensitive when you were younger.
  • You seem to know things without someone telling you.
  • You are able to perceive things without knowing things.
  • You can read the emotions that people have.
  • You see between the lines.
  • You care about those that are suffering.
  • You are connected to certain people.
  • You meet people that have dark energy, and they make you uncomfortable to be around.

If you have any of these signs, chances are that you are clairsentient.

What Do Clairsentients Do?

If you are someone that is clairsentient, it means that you can read people. It can help you to have good instincts about someone that you meet or about decisions that you need to make. You can improve your skills by working with your gifting. Here are some jobs or situations that you might get in that being clairsentient can help you with:

  • Counselor
  • Political person
  • Knowing when to be quiet and when to say the right things.
  • Being a parent that needs to take care of their baby. Being able to read the babies mind and know what it needs without it telling you.
  • A teacher that is able to know if a child is being mistreated at home or needs help with their mental abilities.
  • A doctor that can know a problem by looking at someone.
  • A spiritual healer that needs to feel the energies of someone to help them move forward.
  • A driver that has the gut feeling to not pick up a passenger or to take a different route when driving.
  • A detective that needs to read people correctly.

If you are a clairsentient and you get bad feelings about someone, it can help you to know not to be around them. The problem with this gift is that people with this gift often feel that they have to take on the problems that everyone else has.

This can lead to a clairsentient picking up harmful habit such as drinking to help drown out their emotions. This gift can be used in a positive way, and you need to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and using self-help care.

When you have a psychic gifting that deals with emotions, there can be a lot of negativity and you need to make sure that you can cope with your emotions and the situation of others. Learn to embrace yourself and know when the feelings you are feeling belong to someone else.

If you are struggling, you can talk to someone, and they can help you. Always learn to meditate so that you can be calm in your mind and body. Practice expressing yourself in creative and fun way sand learn to talk to people that love you.

A clairsentient can change the world and can make it a much better place.

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