9 True Tales of Surreal Experiences with Psychics

Definitely, encounters are different. Some psychics can spend time doing a reading while others find it easy and do a reading very fast.

We requested the Huffington Post newsroom to share their experiences with psychics anonymously and the outcomes are surprising and some amazing.

Below are their tales:

Neckties in the closet

I interviewed a medium for a story a few years after my dad passed on. Later he inquired if I wanted a reading which I freely agreed but informed him that I won’t accept or decline anything during the reading. I didn’t inform him that my father is dead although he was a well-known person.

During the session, he told me that there is a short chubby woman who has kept saying “Ethel, Ethel.” The qualities he mentioned looked like that of my grandma. As we proceeded with the reading he said “there’s a man with Ethel and he has a message for you. He wants to tell Ruth that he loves her.” I was shocked at his readings since everything was true. My mum and dad had been married for 35 years before my dad passed on and they had the most wonderful relationship ever. My dad used to call her Ruthie though everyone else called her by her first name.

I was surprised when he told me that my dad wanted my mum to do away with his neckties. Since he died, my mum still had his clothes.

After the session, I called my mum and informed her what the psychic had predicted. She cried. I also informed her that she needed to get rid of his clothes which she said she had two weeks ago and cleaned the closet. This was a bit confusing since the psychic predicted that she should do away with his clothes. My mum continued to cry saying the neckties were still in his closet. I wondered how the psychic knew that since I didn’t even know that.  We received the neckties that year as Christmas gifts from my mum.

“Play it cool”

I and my two friends visited a palm reader when we were in college. She informed me I would be a journalist which I never fancied. She also said there are two men in my life, one wanted to be with me but I don’t want, and the other one I want.  She told me I should let go the one I want and things will work out. I decided to follow her advice. The guy started showing interests after some weeks, we decided to date and we were happy for the rest of our college life. She really was good at reading me.

Teen Romance

My mum is very much into psychics and since I was baby, she’s been reading tarot cards. There is a time she invited a psychic to our house. The psychic predicted that my boyfriend and I would break up and I would meet the love of my life when I join college. I was distressed knowing that we were not going to be together.

It’s true we broke up when I finished high school and started dating someone, later we got married.

“I was empowered to choose”

I first had an encounter with a psychic when I visited a friend in college. The psychic predicted that there are two people interested in me and I needed to decide on whom I want stressing that I have the power to choose. That surprised me since I had been dating someone and we were very serious. Months later I noticed the abusive relationship I was in before my current relationship made me traumatized and I hadn’t forgotten about it although I thought I did and was ready to move on. I decided to work with a therapist since I had to do something about it.

Self-satisfying prediction

There is a psychic I visited in turkey who read coffee cups. He understood Turkish only, therefore, there was someone to translate for me. He prophesied that I would travel out my country in 6 months, which came to pass and get married to someone I haven’t seen for over 3 years.  After this prediction, I looked for the guy and started hanging out together. I doubted if whatever I was doing was part of the prophecy since I never wanted to get married in 3 years’ time and not to him too. Things didn’t work out in the end. We never got married and I never married anyone too. I can’t tell if the prophecy altered my habits making the prediction not to pass.

Identical twins

Identical twinsMy wife was single ten years ago, living and working very far away from her family. Her grandma passed on and everything just started falling out. She needed to know why therefore decided to visit a psychic who predicted that she will meet her dream soul mate, get employed and give birth to twins.

She went back to New York to be with her family and fortunately got a job. That’s when we met, dated and had two beautiful twins later. We were not surprised.

I believe

I met a psychic during a friend’s graduation party and believe me you this psychic was legit. She knew everything that was coming from the college I was to join to the place I was going to work later.  She even mentioned the name of the guy I had a crush on. CHRIS.  Everything she said just blew my mind off. I believe.

It’s a boy?

There is this lady that came up to me one day when I was standing outside a restaurant and informed me that I was expectant and the child will be a boy. This shocked me since have never visited a psychic before. I found out I was pregnant the following month and ultrasound showed I was having a boy later I had a girl. It was awful.

“He was able to provide clarity”

A year and a half ago I went for my tarot reading. I was doubtful but the psychic predicted everything possible. After my grandma passed on I visited him again. He took out a card which he said expresses sorrow.  When I was stressful he predicted that I wanted to do things to make me feel better. The cards recently indicated that during winter I will have a lot of problems and after that everything will fall into place. Spring is here people!

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