Past Lives and Tarot

Investigating our past lives is like exploring the infinite depths of a perpetual well of consciousness. The experiences of past lives are still alive in our unconsciousness. They determine who we are. Along with our present conscious selves, they govern the choices we’ll make in our current lives. Our talents are rooted in our past lives. We accumulate experiences that were developed in the past. Those experiences become the gifts and talents we exhibit as natural inclinations. The things you excel at when you’re very young are evidence of former experiences that are stored in your unconsciousness. Genetic information is coded deep in the spirals of your DNA in the same way.

Déjà vu?

Feelings of affinity with certain eras of history are evidence that we were actually there in a past life. Languages other than our native tongue come easier to us than others because we spoke them before. Our past lives and the locations that they were lived will deeply resonate with us in that era’s art, movies, and books. Certain cultures may have an innate feeling of intimate familiarity. We may feel close to certain bygone eras through the fictional characters of specific eras, like Rhett Butler, Sherlock Holmes, or King Arthur.

Tarot and Unlocking the Past

We can discover memories from our past lives that are buried in the infinite depths of our subconscious through hypnosis, dream analysis, Tarot, and other symbolic techniques. I can access my own intuitive knowledge by allowing my psychic imagination to interact with and interpret the symbolism of my beloved Tarot. This helps me reveal your past lives to you! All I have to do is shuffle the cards until you to tell me to stop. I’ll then be able to tell you stories from your past lives as they’re symbolically revealed to me in the cards. Symbols are able to tell us so much more than words can. They have the power to convey multiple hidden and nuanced layers of meaning and to discover your own psychic imagination.

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