Manifesting Goodness and Abundance with Tarot Cards

Do you find that things are hard in your money life and that you feel like you can’t make it from paycheck to paycheck?

Some people believe that when they go to the Tarot cards that they are only made so that they can know into the future, but the truth is that you can manifest money to yourself by using these cards. If you don’t realize this, you are missing out.

Here are some things you will need in order to manifest money to yourself:

  • Matches or a lighter.
  • Candles or Incense.
  • A calm and quiet place.
  • Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards
  • A pen or paper or a Tarot journal.

Steps to Manifest Things in Your Life

  • Matches or lighter to burn the candles or incense.
  • Sit in a quiet place and concentrate on breathing deeply.
  • Figure out what your goal is and what you want to manifest.
  • Write down 20 goals that you have with your money.
  • Write down things that you would want to use your money for.
  • Focus on getting money into your life and how positive it would make you feel.
  • Take your Tarot deck and shuffle them.
  • Focus on the goals that you have written down.
  • Fan out the Tarot deck in front of yourself.
  • Pick out 6 different cards and lay them face down.
  • Take the cards and look at the card to see if it works with the goals that you have written down.
  • What do the pathway cards tell you? These cards are important for you to follow. What do these cards make you feel?
  • Write down the things that you want to complete in your future.
  • Blow out the incense or candles.

This Tarot spread can change depending on what you want to bring to your life. If you want a better relationship, write down things that you want in your relationship, if you want a better career, write down career goals.

Then, pay attention to the cards that you have drawn and apply them to your life.

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