Processing Your Child’s Past Life

Children have a unique ability to remember their previous life.  They enter Earth in a state of purity and free of societal expectations.  Due to the newness of this new physical form, they can frequently remember their last existence, even to the point where they can confuse lifetimes with one another.

Their ease of recalling the last life is due to the time they have recently spent between lives assessing life lessons while awaiting birth.  Think of it as being in a waiting area prior to boarding a train or a plane.  In particular, ages two and seven are particularly powerful for children to remember their last life!

There is a reason behind the term Terrible Twos.  At this age a child can experience shock of the soul, where lessons of past lives are trying to be reinforced and thus a child can experience “echoes” from this previous form.  This is a traumatic experience that frequently filled with difficult information to process but their physical form lacks to the ability to communicate what is occurring internally for them.

At age seven, a soul experiences a “magical cut-off” when the crown chakra begins to close and spiritual bodies become more rooted in the current physical vessel.  As a result, a child will withdraw suddenly or possible experience a personality shift.  The only exception to this transition are individuals destined to become psychics, readers or seers.

What to watch for!

Often past life memories occur in the form of night terrors.  This is due to the trauma of the soul understand the lessons of previous lives and will become less intense as the child ages.  You may also notice your child being confused between their current life and events or experiences from their past incarnation.  Notice if they regularly refer to themselves or a loved one by the wrong name.  For example, your son may say “I’m the father and you (a woman) are my son.”  This is not an error.  They consciously know without a doubt you are their mother, but they are experiencing your difference roles from the last lifetime.

Other things children say or do when remembering a previous life

  • “You’re my friend and dad is my sister (relationship confusion)
  • “I take the boat when I fish” (unexplained environment)
  • “I’m afraid of bees, they hurt me last time.” (recalling events that haven’t yet occurred in the current one)
  • I don’t like fire because it made me stopped breathing last time.” (irrational fears)
  • Ability to draw details for a previous life (differences in current surroundings)
  • Tendency to repeatedly draw object or mild obsessions (recreated previous hobbies or roles)

With a bit of luck, you might hear a detailed account from your child about their previous life.  Be fully receptive to this experience and be willing to ask an array of questions.  Keep in mind their current age and present life abilities.  Their comprehension of understanding their past and present lives are still forming.  Honor the difficulty of your child’s ability to process this new life and their limited vocabulary to properly explain their memories and experiences.  It is difficult, but we have all been through this journey before.  With a bit of patience and a whole lot of love you can be a key guide in helping to promote your child’s spiritual journey.

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