How to Ground Yourself

When things happen in life, it acts as a place of energy.  This energy goes to everything and is part of the humanity of life.  This is when you can go through nature and your bodies are full of energy that is given into the universe and given to our bodies.  Even though we have this energy, chances are that we have a decrease of energy because of things such as plastics, technology and more and this disconnects us from the universe.


Grounding means that you are taking your energies and you are stabilizing them.  The world is made up of magnetic currents and our bodies have vibrational frequencies that come from our organs and other parts of our bodies and we receive it from the world around us.  This is the same as grounding something in electricity, but it is part of our body.

When you want to stabilize your body, you will find that the qualities of this is to make you stronger and to feel better.  All you have to do is step outside and be part of nature each day.  You can do other things to ground yourself and you can easily do this with the universe.  You will see a decline in your health when you are not grounded.

When you are not grounded, you will also find yourself stressed and frustrated.

Earthly Healing

The earth is a place of grounding and y you can connect with the world and the universe and this is because electrical currents run from the earth and then increase the electrical charges and can neutralize how you feel in your body.  When your skin is in contact with the earth then you will have more energy.

Evidence shows that when you are connected to the earth that you will have a happier life, better sleep and less pain in your body.

People that are experts int his field realize that the energy of the earth offers things in our bodies that bring healing and the currents that come from the earth are not harmful but can be helpful.  Some things such as electromagnetic frequencies or EMF’s can be harmful but not the charges of the earth.


Like normal molecules, the EMF’s are not seen, and they are not able to communicate with our body.  They hold an electrical charge that comes through electronics.  These can cause people to be sick because the devices are using up energies that we need in our field to be healthy and to be strong.

When you want to reduce your EMF’s and convert them into positive energies then you will see that they can make you stronger and provide you with something healthy but the best idea is to get rid of some of the EMF’s that can be harmful.

Getting rest and taking advantage of grounding yourself can help you.  It is important to leave your phone and other electronics out of your life for a while so that you can connect with the earth and you can do things that can help your body to be strong.

Grounding Yourself

One of the best things is that you be healthy and strong.  You can do this by grounding and one of the best ways is to connect with nature.

You can use the earth to heal your body from different things such as arthritis, insomnia, mental instability and more.

Grounding yourself is when you touch the dirt and you touch nature.  Go for walks through the park or through your backyard.  Learn to adapt to a lifestyle of grounding yourself and use fresh air to fill your body.  Gardening is another thing that is great, not only can you connect with the earth, but you can also eat healthy goods.


Meditation can help to ground you and give you a deeper connection with the earth.  You can do this by imagining that you are in the universe and that you are sending messages to the heart of the universe through your magnetic field.  This is a way you can communicate with the universe and tell it what you desire.

Find a comfortable place to sit and imagine that a root is growing from the ground and all the way through your body.  Imagine that you are surrounded by mother earth and then let the root grow through you.  This can give you a blessing.

Mantras can be said when you are meditating but you need to make sure that you are centering yourself.  Words are powerful and can increase your vibrations.

Ground your spirit deep in the earth and know that you are safe and that you are seeing beautiful things.  If you do not feel sure of yourself or if you feel weak, then you need to make sure that you are grounding yourself.  This can help you to get rid of physical sickness and stress.

Earth Love

Each piece of earth can bring miracles.  You can feel thankful for your nature walks and for what the world has given you.  Be thankful for parks and for grass and beaches, tress and anything outside that you love.  Learn to disconnect yourself from science and to engage in your relationships.

Think of the world like a place that will recharge you, like a phone.  Recognize this connection and know that the earth needs your contact.  Let your body and your love of the earth support you and always acknowledge the presence of it.

When the sun comes out, consider taking your shoes off and running through the yard.  There is nothing wrong with grounding yourself and it can benefit your health overall and heal you when needed.

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