Seeing through a fake psychic

There are ways to see through a fraudulent psychic.But there are not as many fake psychics as you would think.   But there are those who are scammers.The biggest and most common scam is the removal of the curse.  It works because it plays on fear.

With this scam, the con artist is looking for someone who will come back multiple times. On the first reading, they will start to draw out information and by the fifth reading they will know what scares their client. That’s when they start to play the long con.

They will know your vulnerabilities and they will try to discern how much money you have.  Once they know this and know that you trust them, they will tell you that you have negative energy surrounding you and that you may be under a curse. This curse is the reason you are not living the life you want. Once the curse is lifted, you will have a happy, healthy life with financial success.

But to shake that pesky curse, you need to pay. It could cost a few hundred to several thousands of dollars.  Not only will they want money, they won’ t take a check or credit card. They will come up with reasons why you should wire the money to them.

Once they have your money, you will never see or hear from them again. And they only thing you will have removed is your money and maybe your pride.

The next scam involves the casting of spells. It also involves paying money for what should be impossible. They will promise that, for a fee, they will toss a spell out into the world, or at another person for you.  They may even promise to cast a spell on an employer so that you may get the job you want.  Doesn’t that sound amazing? A simple spell, for a simple fee to get you whatever you want?  Except that simple fee can be big money.

Some advisors use the words “spell casting”  when they mean intention setting. That is completely different, mainly because it is completely free.

Setting an intention is essentially saying a prayer to put your wants and needs out to the universe to then come back to you. It’s very similar to the Law of Attraction.  If your advisor wants to show you how to set your intentions and calls it spell casting, you’re probably ok.

The other type of spell casting is pointless because no one can use their will to influence someone else.  We all have free will. But you can always set an intention.

False readings are not exactly scams; they’re just not true readings.  A fake psychic will ask you leading questions. This is called fishing. They will ask you questions and “read” you and your responses.  Real psychics will tell you things, not just ask. The main question a legitimate psychic will ask is if you understand what they are telling you.

A true psychic will be able to tell you something that they couldn’t possibly know.  For example if they know something like a relative being proud that you wore their pink shawl when you played and orphan in the church musical, that’s probably a true reading.  Obscure information with details are hard to fake.

Something along the lines of “ You have a difficult decision to make”, is not real.

Just listen to what your advisor is telling you. If the information is fake, the psychic is also a fake. If they get things wrong tell them. Their reaction to hearing about their misses will tell you if they are making the whole thing ups.

The best thing to do when seeking an advisor is to get referrals from reliable sources. Check websites for reviews and don’t let yourself fall for something that is too good to be true.

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