Spirit Guide Types and Roles

Imagine a virtual reality game, but you are the main character over and over again, playing different roles. This is like reincarnation. We come into this life with a task and purpose and while completing, or trying to, those thing we clear karmic debts. The difference is, we are not playing alone because everyone incarnates with a team, spirit guides that have chosen to help with guidance on this journey. They will provide signs and opportunities while keeping you from harm and prompting you to make the right choices.

You may already be aware of this from making contact with a single guide, but you may not know there is a whole team of guides around you. Just like in school, one teacher does not teach every subject so different guides are present for different reasons.

We tend to have one main guide, but accessibility to many others for all of life’s decisions and pathways. Some will only be around for a time, but others may stick with you throughout. It’s likely you have read about contacting angel, unicorn, dragon, and other manners of guides which usually leads to questions. This articles seeks to clear up the types of guides and their roles in each of our lives.

Types of Guides

If you are wondering how the whole spirit guide thing works, we can explain. The short version is simply that any manner of being can align with source and choose to serve as a spirit guide. However, it is more complicated as far as who is guiding.

Basically, angels and spirit guides are different only in the fact that angels have not reincarnated, but spirit guides have reincarnated. There are few reasons to really differentiate between angels and spirit guides as both may be part of your team. This is because everything is vibration and energy, so we are all made of the same stuff, part of the universal energy. It is possible to be in two places at once.

Higher beings have vast consciousness beyond our own, so sending part of oneself to us while keeping watch elsewhere is not a big deal. Simply think about your guide and he or she will show up.

This article differentiates between types of guides and roles for clarity, but anyone can be a guide, spirit or angel.

Deceased Loved Ones

Those that have passed on before us often choose to watch over us and help. This is a common spirit guide that many will experience. This is especially true of grandparents.


Ancestors are different from loved ones because they lived many generations earlier, but are still family. You have probably never met, but they have chosen to watch over your bloodline for a reason.

Friends from Past Lives

We have a choice about incarnating and some choose to wait and be guides instead. Time does not matter so friends from past lives may serve as guides.

General Helpers

These are simply spirits that have volunteered to help you in this life. You may know them from this life or a previous one, but probably not.


This is a broad category that covers guardians, archangels, and those higher up the chain. Angels are beings of pure light that have not incarnated, but can still choose to be guides. There are things that help determine which guide and angel you get, but that is for later discussion.

Ascended Masters

These incarnated beings have experienced enlightenment, completing life (lives). These are ascended masters such as Buddha.


Gods and goddesses, excluding masters, are high vibration and density and from other realms. They are part of humanity from the past and though rare, do sometimes appear with people. These include those like Durga, Apollo, and even Odin.


Elementals cover mermaids, fairies, elves, dragons, and all other like beings. These are what many consider fantasy beings or those that are thought mythical.


Many people connect to extra-terrestrials and learn from their collective knowledge. This section includes ETs like Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Sirians, among others.

Spirit Animals

A well known category for some, even animals can become guides. A deceased pet could serve as a guide, as could any animal. Animals have wisdom with each species having specific energy types that they both represent and help with as a guide.

A spirit can present itself in any way. Even a guide who has never incarnated can show up as an animal if it chooses.

What Determines Your Guide?

Many factors determine your spirit team and they include: your personal energetic fingerprint, learning level, relationship ties, and agreement pre-incarnation. These are all important and will be explained below.

Energetic Fingerprint

Just like your actual fingerprint, your energetic fingerprint is unique. Everyone has a soul “fingerprint” that makes up your archetype, chakras, aura, and even the elements that draw you most. It is unique to you and makes you what you are energetically.

Within the spirit world, your energetic fingerprint is how you are identified. Some spirits do not have names, but allow you to call them as you see fit. So, basically, like spirits attract like spirits. The guides you have either knew you in a past life or are an energetic match to your fingerprint.

Learning Level

Your personal guides will also be well matched to your learning and understanding levels. If you are not well advanced, a guide that was would be useless, so guides are matched in this manner as well. This is especially true of teacher and helper guides. They are meant to teach you and help you advance your spiritual growth, so they teach on your level. As you learn and grow, your guides will adjust.

Relationship Ties

People who you are blood related to or have strong emotional ties to who have passed on may become guides. They want to offer help, even from the other side. This can be those from the recent past or ancestors from long ago. Sometimes, the relative guide was mean to you during life, but has achieved understanding in death.

Pre-incarnation Agreements

When we incarnate, we will not do so with our full soul groups, leaving some behind to serve as guides while we are on earth. These agreements are held as true and can be from past lives or some made long before you were born.

Roles of Spirit Guides

Each of your spirit guides will play a specific role in your life. Each of the available spots will be described below.


The Master is the most often seen spirit guide because they are the manager of the team. They will direct the others.


Consider the Gatekeeper your spirit world bouncer. Their only role is to keep you safe and away from negative entities or keep others from crowding in on you.


As the name implies, the Healer is the medic of the bunch. This guide is for healing your chakras and energy fields while teaching you to heal yourself and others.


When help with specific tasks are needed, the helper comes to consult.


To aid in your growth and learning, the teachers serve as mentor guides along the way.


When an interpersonal relationship needs a bit of guidance, Relationship guides will be there. They are the counselors that bring people together and aid in clearing karmic debt so you may find peace.


These guides are only with starseeds and serve as both commanders and support officers to help while in this world. Every starseed has at least one that is assigned to you for communication about your mission.

Now that you better understand the guides and their roles, you can try to make contact.

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