Understanding Karma

Every action that we do has a consequence and they can create a change in the universe.  Karma is a power that is invisible and it teaches you how you should act.  Your life today is what you have done in your past because you created your own destiny.


There is always going to be a reaction for each action that you have, and everyone has taken a different path in life.  We are all linked sometimes and whatever you do will come back to you.  The way you think, and feel will shape you in the world and your actions and words will help to shape you.

You are always doing things that will change the world a little at a time.

Law of Karma

The Karma is the fate and action that you are responsible for.  This is a cause and effect situation and it means that whatever you do, good or bad will create your emotions now and bring you happiness or pain.  One day, you will be put in the same circumstance that you put others in.

Your actions can change your future and what you experience is what karma is saying you will experience.  Each feeling and thought has prepared you for where you are now.  The reason that your fate is never exact is because of free will.  You can’t escape your past, but you can learn from it.


When you leave this world, do you think there will be nothing and that you won’t exist?  This isn’t religion, this is knowing where you are going to be.  People who are afraid to leave the world will regret the most how they treated others.

If you think of a person that has upset you or that you have upset, imagine that your plan is executed, and you have caused someone to be upset or hurt.  You have created bad karma for yourself.

You harmed someone because you had bad intentions and it is these intentions that create karma and you can never hide these intensions from the universe.

Someone’s Expense

You will never be able to be happy based on treating someone else badly.  If you have bad intentions, you will have bad karma.  You will understand that karma doesn’t work in a straight line because one day you will be weak and then in another time you can be powerful.


Karma is real and you will bond with your past.  Karma is a law of the universe.  It teachers you to make better choices and to have better understanding of others.

If you cause others to suffer, you will see life from different experiences.  You have to understand why you did something and why karma is treating you the way it is.  When you step into another person’s shoes, you will understand how they feel, and you learn what other people feel.

Future and Past

Most people are fighting some battle and you cannot judge them.  You must accept them for who they are.

Forgiveness can stop your pain and it doesn’t mean you are happy with them, but it means that you forgive them.

Being grateful can go a long way.  Be thankful for what you have.

When you see good and bad this can be a reflection of your own personal self.

When you love someone, karma will bring you love back.  If you are happy, you will have positive energy.  This can help you to have a better mood.

The way that you react will change the way people treat you and how you see someone.

You have to understand that things don’t happen by chance and everything is a learning experience.


You will see that if you are rude to others that you will have others be rude to you.  If you are kind, people will show you kindness.  If you put people down, you become ugly.  Everyone is beautiful in some way.

When you kick someone on the street, you are kicking yourself.  If you want to harm others, you will later be harmed in the future.  These are lessons of your life that you need to understand.

Making a Difference

You don’t have to be seen to be kind to people.  If you are kind when it is the hardest, then it is a valuable gift and something that you can give to others.

Give without worrying about it and you don’t need to be seen by others for your kindness to work for you.

Bad Karma

Karma doesn’t go away and you have to understand that bad karma can be a blessing.  Guilt is punishment and can result in pain for you and painful lessons.  The goal of the universe is to teach you about love.

Changing Karma

You can’t stop karma, but you can change karma by becoming a better person.  You can recreate your future by being nice and treating others with love and forgiveness.

Feeling sorry for yourself tells the universe that you don’t have compassion and that you aren’t learning from your issues.  Sometimes you have to experience what you have done to others so that you can change your future and learn from your past.

It is never too late to show kindness and love and forgiveness to people that you have hurt.  Sometimes to really be better, you have to experience what you have put other people through.  If you have hurt someone, ask for forgiveness and turn the bad karma into good karma.

Love Your Enemies

When you have everyone as your friend, you no longer have enemies.  When you fight with people, you have no power anymore.  You have to always be looking to see what everyone is doing, and you lose your peace and your happiness.

When you take revenge, you only hurt yourself because you allow people to cause you to be negative.  If you wish someone good things that has hurt you, you let go of any bad energy.  When you do this, you have to really mean it.

If someone has hurt you, they will get their karma and you don’t need to do anything but forgive.  Forgiving is a hard thing, but it can bring you relief and allow you to have good things in your life.

Never seek revenge because it will only hurt you and the universe will help you when you are doing the right thing.  No one can cause you harm when you are having good intentions.  Destroy your enemies by making them your friend.

Always be kind, even to those that are angry and mean to you.  Your thoughts and the way that you act will be your expression and your soul is trying to make sure that you have harmony and balance with the universe.


When you are jealous a little bit, it is a sign a love, but too much jealousy is not good and you have to have respect for people that are jealous of you because it means they think you are great and think good of you.  They count your blessings instead of the ones that they have, and they are not really jealous of you but they just want to be who you are.

When you have negative jealousy, you have to be forgiving and you have to figure out a way to get over this.  Forgiving someone who is jealous of you is a way to bring good karma to your life.  Negative jealousy causes people to be hurt and if you are attracted to them in some way then this can be a test.  How will you treat others who are jealous of you?

Is There Fast Karma?

To really understand what you have done and if you have done good or bad, it can take time.  There can be immediate lessons, but some things have to take time to really be learned and that is why karma is like planting a seed.  As the seed grows, you will get your karma.

The reason karma exists is not to get revenge on you but to allow you to be better and to do better things.  Sometimes karma is fast while sometimes it can be delayed and you will see the consequences of your actions, even in your next life.

What you do with your karma and free will is your choice and what happens from these choices are your karma.  Karma will decide for you, but remember, karma does not go away.


If you have good karma, always be thankful.  Being thankful means that you understand that what you did was good.  Most people only notice bad karma but when the karma is good, always be thankful.

The more spiritual you are, the better and faster your karma will come to you.  The more that you know about things, the more the universe will hold you accountable.  A person who understand the spiritual laws but does not practice them can face bad karma.

The opposite is also true, if you are always nice and good, then karma will come back to you and will protect you from harm.  It can be a protection around you at all times and keep you safe from the world and anything bad.

Treat others how you want to be treated and know that karma is always going to be there.

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