Finding Your Destiny


Our soul is on the earth so that we can learn from each other and help each other.  We have people in our lives that have taught us to grow and are teaching us so that we can learn new things and learn to be better people.  Our soul wants to learn things because each time our soul grows, our consciousness grows and as it gets bigger, it becomes close to the universe.

After the universe expands and connects with the mind and soul, there can be more than we ever imagined that we could learn and feel.

Sometimes, we get tired when we have to work hard and get up early, but our soul never gets tired.  There are different worldly dimensions that try to connect with our spirt and even though we don’t always understand them in our mind, they charge us in our soul and bring us messages from the universe.  Our soul connects to everything and this makes us feel different and unique than other people.

We know that we have struggles that we have to face but we also know that the struggles that we face are only for a moment and that even our life is just like a vapor.  Someday, we will become whole.  The soul will become part of the universe and everything will be like it was even before we were born, and our soul will be more mature.


There are many lessons that our soul can learn, and we will learn along the way.  Love is one of the main objectives that our soul is trying to teach us and that is why we always need to keep our heart chakra clear.  We need to know what kind of distance we will go and what we will do to give our soul the things it desires.

We each choose our own path, but the universe chooses our families and where we live and events that happen to us.  Our soul also gives us the freedom to do what we want and sometimes we forget that we are always learning, and we get tired.  It gets tiring to always be challenged and so the soul sometimes gets tired too, but the challenges are just part of what we are supposed to learn.

The soul will go back to the state of love at the end of the journey and the love is part of goodness and badness.  There is no good or bad way that our soul will reach the end of the journey and so we might go through bad things and losses while we are on the path.  Someday, we will realize how important love is and we will know that the true point of the soul is to love each other without letting our ego cause us to fail.


Our soul does not tell us the plans it has for us, but it does show us bits and pieces of what we will go through.

When you look at your family, what kind of traits do you have that your parents had?  Do you want to go to certain places and aren’t sure why?  Are you drawn to certain cultures?  What kinds of talents and events in your life do you have?

Do you have a sickness or are you around certain people that you don’t know why you want to be by them?  Do you find that people help you learn and challenge you?

You can use readings in order to help you and meditate and channel spirits to help you in your journey.

Give Up

You need to give up trying to stop your soul from being on a journey.  Even if you have gone through bad things, let them go and accept that they are part of your soul journey.  Let your soul guide you and help you towards your destiny.

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