What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is a psychic ability where you can hear things in the supernatural.  Clairvoyants also share these types of psychic abilities except they have the ability to know when things are happening before they happening.

Both gifts mean that the person is tuned to what is going on around them and when a person has clairaudient gifts, they are able to hear sounds from the spirit world.

Talking to Yourself

Most of the time when someone is clairaudient, they tend to talk to themselves when no one is around.  Do you talk to yourself and feel that you have the right answers?  Do you try to calm yourself down when you are aggravated?


Do you have a hard time concentrating when you are reading a book?  Do you like to watch movies until you fall asleep?  Do you listen when something comes to your remembrance?  These show that you want to listen to what is going on around you.

Loud Noises

If you get scared when you hear loud noises or if loud noises bother you then you might be sensitive to these sounds.  If you are easily tired when people are around you that are loud or you get headaches easily from loud noises, you should recognize these as part of your psychic gift.

Quiet Time

When you are clairaudient, you need to have time where you take quiet time for yourself.  You need to keep yourself healthy and too many sounds can cause you to be stressed out.  Take time to listen to what the spirits are trying to tell you.


Do you hear ringing in your ears?  Does this happen a lot?  If it does, you might be clairaudient and your spirits are trying to get in touch with you.


If you hear whispers or talking and no one is around, it can be your spirits talking to you.

This can happen a lot and it means that you need to contact your spirits and see what they are trying to tell you.  Take some quiet time and listen.


If you hear messages form your television or the radio, these can be important signs from your spirit guide.  Listen to them and find out what they are trying to tell you.

You might just have these things happening in your subconscious, but it is not a coincidence that you are hearing it.


Do you love music, and does it make you feel energetic?  If you love a certain kind of music and it inspires you, these can be signs that you are clairaudient.

If you listen to the music, write down what you are hearing or write down your own words to a melody.

Good Listener

Do you and your friends sit around, and they ask you for advice?  Do you feel that your friends always come to you when they have a problem?  Do you always laugh and say you should charge for giving advice?  These are signs that you are a good listener.


If you hear voices talking in your mind and giving your advice, these are signs that you are clairaudient.

Hear Things

Do you hear noises and hear humming sounds?  Do you feel that you have always been able to hear things and you can use all of your senses?  Do you rely on hearing more than other people?  This can mean you have the gift of clairaudience.


If you have some of the signs above, chances are you have a spiritual gift of clairaudience.  There are certain cues that you can know that you have this gift.

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