Talking to Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self

Your higher self is always right there with you and is ready to communicate with you no matter where you are.  You can always get guidance from your higher self and love from your twin flame, when you tap into your higher self and their higher self.

Many people that are looking to have a twin flame will naturally try to connect with their higher self.  Once you and your twin flame meet, you will see that they are eternally connected to you and that they are connected to your higher place.

Twin Flame Channeling

When you want to channel your twin flame or connect with them then you have to know and understand that you already have a twin flame.  You will find them in your psychic abilities.

To send for messages, you need to find out what your life purpose is and what their mission is and why you want to send this message to your twin flame.  You need to know that you are communicating with them for a purpose and work towards that purpose.


If you want to channel your twin flame, tap into your higher self.  Be quiet and listen for your spirit guides to talk to you.  Find a quiet moment wherever you are.  Turn out the lights or turn on some music to meditate to.  Do whatever makes your space sacred.  You can use candles or crystals if you want.

Once you get quiet inside of your mind, you need to have a notebook to journal in.  Write down any messages that come to your mind or and symbols.  Always keep your journal close to you and write down whatever you hear.

Twin flame channeling is about talking to your twin flame and getting with their higher self.  They are not necessarily going to know this his happening and they won’t always call out to you.  This will happen in them and even if you don’t know they are receiving your messages, they will be aware in their spirit, even if not in their mind.

You don’t have to look at your watch and wait and be impatient with this.  You need to try to wait and be patient and let them get with you and communicate with you in love.  You have to tune into your heart and connect with their space.  Have a conversation with them but don’t expect them to talk to you.

When you communicate in love, you can feel them and connect with them.  You will know your feelings and experiences are real.

When you channel your twin flame, find a quiet place to go and make sure you have pure intentions.  Be open with your feelings and let your energies communicate and talk to them and see if they talk back.  Write it down.

Channeling your twin flame is a sacred moment and can encourage you to keep moving on in life.  Your twin flame union is important and real, and it is not in your imagination.

Divine Channeling

If you want to have divine channeling and you feel that you are not able to do this on your own, you can go to a professional psychic and they can help to give you a reading and help you to be able to channel your twin flame.

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