2 Ways Your Spirit Guides Can Help Relationships

Relationships can be difficult and, sometimes, mysterious. Whether we are in a relationship or waiting for one to happen, it could be complicated, confusing, and sometimes a mess. However, you do have an option to bring clarity by obtaining some help from the spiritual realm.

Many people boast of how spirit guides or some would say angels or saints, can be an enormous help to us in several ways. They have a connection to both us and God so they are in a perfect place to offer assistance.

There are two ways your spirit guides can help in relationships.

They Can Help Find a Partner

They see all and know you pretty intimately so they also know who and where your perfect mate is. This has occurred throughout time. In the Old Testament, a servant was sent out to find a bride for Isaac. He saw a young woman and instantly knew she was the right one. Not only was he asking as a spirit guide but he was listening to God on the matter!

How do you know if your spirit guide is leading you to your lifetime partner? There are several ways to tell.

  1. You could be motivated to change your habits. This could mean you suddenly feel the need to go to a different breakfast spot or take a different route to work. Pay attention to these pulls.
  2. Look at your surroundings and pay attention if someone draws your interest. If they do, approach them. It may be nothing, but it may be something!
  3. You may come across someone during your routine who isn’t your type. Don’t dismiss them. Sometimes those in the spiritual world know better than we do.
  4. Meditate or pray and ask for your guides, God, the Holy Spirit, to show you who to pay attention to in your life. You may get a vision.
  5. Keep an open mind and an open heart. You will feel the nudges and pushes in the right direction.

Guides Help Troubled Relationships

Spiritual beings make for great relationship counselors when it comes to troubled relationships. That’s because they can see everything, even things we try to hide from our partner.

There are two ways to go about asking for help from spirit guides when it comes to a troubled relationship.

  1. Meditating or praying by yourself. This can be done when your partner is resistant to spiritual influence or is in a dark place. You can meditate to ask for ways to help your partner and wisdom in knowing the best course of action. You can also pray for a hedge of protection around your relationship and for your partner to see the light of things.

In the movie “War Room,” a wife is troubled by her husband’s attitude and just knows he could or is having an affair. She begins to pray in her closet. Her husband has a temptation, but suddenly feels guilty about it and flees before anything happens. This type of thing can happen in real life if we connect with higher powers.

  1. Couples can work on this together. This is optimal to heal a troubled relationship. You can pray together, seek repentance for any wrongs together, and ask for wisdom together. That will bring about great change.

For those more into non-religious spirituality, the two of you can sit in meditation and ground yourselves. Each of you should call on your higher selves and your spirit guides to ask them to fix what issues both of you have identified. It can be an issue from reconnecting romantically to financial. Thank your guides and wait for an answer over the next few weeks.

Things should ease over the next few days and there will be some shifts in your relationship, including your perspective.

Key Points in Getting Help

Remember, spiritual beings are beings. They won’t step in where they are not wanted. You must ask for help to receive it. Also, you can’t demand it as their help is voluntary. Also, don’t read your partner or try to connect with their spirit guides without their permission. Free will is at stake here.

Using the spiritual realm to help your relationships may sound off the beaten path, but it can do a lot to heal your spirit, resolve issues, and create paths for good energy. It is work a try!

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