Healing Your Root Chakra

Do you ever feel that you do not have enough money? Do you worry about money and feel that you do not have enough money to pay your rent or to buy enough food? Do you feel that you are always depending on other people? Do you feel that you are only able to trust yourself? Do you feel that you have a bad relationship with your family members? Do you get stressed and eat unhealthy foods or choose not to eat at all?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are that you have blockage in your root chakra. When your root chakra is balanced, it makes you feel safe and grounded.


The chakra is your energy center and according to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, this is where the spirit and the body come together. Each part of your body has energies and the chakras is where your energy centers are. The energy goes along the spine and is found from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

The root chakra or the Muladhara is found at the bottom of the spine and to the pelvic floor.

In the Sanskrit language, mula means root and adhara means base and so the Muladhara chakra is the base or the support of all of the other chakras in your body.

Root Chakra

The name in Sanskrit of the root chakra means root and support and it is located at the base of the spine and up the vertebrae.

The color red is associated with the root chakra and it is founded on the earth element.

When your root chakra is balanced, you will feel secure and safe but when it is unbalanced, you were feel stressed, fearful, gain weight, feel isolated, have nightmares and experience pain in areas of your body such as your feet and hands.

Since the root chakra is connected to the earth element, it is rooted and planted deeply. When you have support and you are grounded, you will see that your root chakra is grounded. To keep your root chakra grounded, you have to meet your basic needs such as food, shelter, water, safety and then meet your emotional needs such as finding happiness, getting rid of fear and stress.

When you balance your root chakra, you will feel peace and love but when it is unbalanced, you will feel stress and insecure.

Opening the Chakra

Here are some ways that you can open your root chakra:

Burn Essential Oils

Using aromatherapy can help you to heal when your root chakra is unbalanced. You can use things such as cypress, cedarwood, black pepper, ginger, cloves, rosewood, and patchouli to open up your root chakra.


Repeating affirmations and sending your intentions to the universe can help to open up your root chakra. Here are some things you can say:

  • I am feeling safe.
  • I love how I look.
  • I love my body.
  • My home is my safety place.
  • I am secure in my finances.
  • The universe will take care of me.

When you repeat these affirmations, the feelings that you have can align with your words.


When you have good posture, your body will connect with your physical and spiritual self. This is called asanas. When you use your breath and you relax and get rid of tension in your body, you will open up your chakras.

Use poses such as the mountain, goddess, and the warrior to help your posture.

Connect with Nature

If you love to meditate and you love to go outside, connecting with nature can be your thing. Go outside and open yourself up to the world. Breathe the air into your lungs, walk in the grass barefoot, hug a tree, stand in dirt, or do whatever you need to so that you can connect with the earth.


You have to learn to let things in your past go. If you are insecure because of how you felt when you were a child, then this is something you have held on to for a long time.

Your root chakra helps with your development and when you have a root chakra that is balanced, it can help you to heal from the past and help you to have security and safety with people around you.

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