What is a Medium?

Mediums are not just about Ouija boards, crystal balls or palm readings. When someone thinks of a medium, they often think of someone that uses different tools to speak to the dead and that is not all they are. This idea comes often from movies and television shows and has taught people a different view of what a medium is.

A real medium is someone that is clairvoyant and that is able to bridge the gap between the living and the dead.

Bridging the Gap

A medium is someone that is able to communicate with spirits. The medium doesn’t speak to the dead and there is nothing that deals with death, but they are able to talk to the spirit based on their energies.

Someone that is a medium has strong intuition and is very sensitive.  This allows them to be able to hear and see information from the other side.


There are different ways that a medium will converse with the dead. They can use different tools but most of them will communicate as a human form. They can communicate in this world because they have strong empathy and they open up the world on the physical and spiritual plane.

Medium Vs. Clairvoyant

There is a difference between mediums and clairvoyants, but it can be confusing. Psychics have the ability to hear and give messages from the spirits to someone that is there to get the message.

A clairvoyant is someone that hears things and gets a strong feeling. The individuals can see things that are different than what we can see, and they have a purpose for bridging the gap.

Talking to a Medium

If you choose to talk to a medium you need to understand that mediums are there to help their clients hear from their deceased friends or loved ones. There might be questions that they need to ask and information that they want to know.

Getting this information allows them to have clear thinking and allows them to understand what is going on.

The best way to find a medium is to find someone that has good client reviews. Find someone that is real and not out to get your money.

Getting this kind of information from someone is special and personal and having personal recommendations can change the whole session that you have.

You need to find a medium that understands what loss is and what grief is.

Here are some things that your medium will need to talk to your relative from the other side:

  • Dates
  • Names
  • Birthdates
  • Certain traits

The medium will be able to give messages to your loved ones or to you, but it is only if the spirit decides to show up and talk.

Famous Psychics