A Guide to the Archangels

Archangels have become fixtures in the culture of the mainstream. This is in part due to movies, but also in-person experiences. We can seek support from the archangels during our mortal experiences, but it is best to know who to call on in specific times of need. This is what the guide below will offer.

There are three genres of angels, also called ethereal or divine spiritual agents, that serve as messengers between humans and their higher powers. Guardian angels are the first tier and are believed to look out for us unconditionally when it comes to happiness, personal safety, and wellbeing. The second tier is made up of angels that are called on for guidance and then offered an act of gratitude. The third tier is made up of archangels that are chiefs, rulers, or managers. In some belief systems, they are stewards of the four elements of nature. They are not bound by space and time being available to all at all times.

There are many different opinions on how many archangels exist with each having their own mythological and historical significance. Several of the well-known archangels appear in art and literature by different cultures. Some spiritual advisors suggest that we are all assigned two guardian angels at birth to look out for us mentally, physically, and emotionally. They also serve as guides when called upon by those they are assigned to in life.

Several of the archangels are shared below:

  • Michael – Known as the most powerful, Michael is regarded as a protector of emotional, mental, and physical fitness as well as material possessions. He can be called on as a source of strength, release for fear, and guidance. He is represented by the fire element and can remove energy blocks as he steers you toward your purpose and desires.
  • Raphael – Known as an agent of healing, Raphael serves as a source for those seeking fortification after or during an imbalance, injury, and addiction. This is the ideal archangel as a guide for those in the healing services industry. Raphael watches over travelers to ensure smooth transitions and safety through a journey. He is associated with the air element and brings lightness and clarity to those seeking him. Raphael lays the groundwork for stability.
  • Gabriel – Gabriel serves as a bridge between self and self and others. She is recognized as a female counterpart in many cultures. As the patron of communication, she is a source of inspiration and can abolish hesitation and procrastination. She can help remove intuition blocks. The removal of these obstacles allows those asking for Gabriel’s help to make space for fertility in all forms, like financial, child-bearing, and even creativity. Associated with the water element and the source of life, this archangel is always ready to assist.
  • Uriel – Uriel is the personification of intelligence and wisdom who can be referenced in all things focused on learning and decision making. Uriel supports grounding as an earth element. Uriel assists in finding the answers rooted within the self.

Finding Your Archangel Guides

Research can go a long way to connecting to the appropriate archangel. This starts by clearing ourselves so we can know what we need or desire. Once this is clear, it is easier to determine which source is best to call upon and will be beneficial. Accessing the connection can be done in minutes using the steps below to clear the path for open communication.

  • Find a related, seated posture somewhere quiet.
  • Imagine a ray of light that enters the crown chakra, melting the muscles of the face and working its way through the body and out through the feet.
  • Feel energy being drawn up through the feet from the earth and traveling back up through the crown chakra.
  • Take three deep breaths to allow tranquility and trust to settle in your body. Feel the connection between your heart and an outside force.
  • Draw your thumb and middle finger on both hands as a mudra to seal the connection and energetic exchange.

Asking for Angel Help

Once you find your guide, it is time to ask for assistance. Since the angels correspond to different elements and situations, we can interact differently with their energies. Try making benevolent prayers or asks to these higher beings. This can be spoken or written down and should end with thanks. Remember, angels love unconditionally. They will help whenever the intention is set and it is good for your pathway.

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