How to Avoid Common Triggers for Empaths

Many triggers abound for empaths that can cause anxiety, depression and emotional fatigue.  Often one becomes overwhelmed with emotions following a traumatic memory or event.  When left untreated an empath is especially susceptible to developing PTSD due to them experience a vortex of emotions and extreme distress.  This is why is it imperative for an empath to learn how to control absorbing unwanted emotions or thoughts.  Below we have created a guide for empath to navigate common emotional triggers.

Desire to be Understood

Empath possess a unique mindset.  Therefore, few people are capable to understanding an empath’s ability to be so loving, attentive and selfless.  But because the empath craves this understanding when they fail to receive it, they can feel worthless or even “crazy.”  Realize nobody is required to relate to your mindset.  You are blessed with an abundance of emotional intelligence and awareness that you can parlay into special ways of improving the lives of anyone you encounter.

Yearning to be Wanted

Often empaths experience feelings of abandonment during their lifetime.  This creates a strong desire to be wanted by a particular person or group.  Begin by wanting to be with yourself.  When you learn to love and celebrate yourself you will attract others who see your talents as well.  Never let alone in your life make you feel unloved or let alone take advantage of you.

Craving a sense of Value

All people have a right to have a sense of self-worth.  Unfortunately, when empaths are triggered into feeling worthless or unvalued, they fall victim to dark and toxic emotions.  They can fall into a pit of despair that is near impossible to escape.  Breathe and identify one skill you find valuable in your life.  Let this aspect drive a sense of purpose in your life.  Understand the world needs your special talents for societal healing.

Desire to feel Loved

The longing for love is one of the deepest human emotions.  When empaths are triggered by feeling unlovable, they can isolate themselves to avoid further pain.  Begin to heal this hurt by first loving yourself.  You were loved from the moment you were born by some being.  There are people in your life right now that love you, exactly as you are, and enjoy your affections.  If you feel your feelings of love aren’t being reciprocated by a person then it’s time to lessen their importance in your life.

Longing for Acceptance

Empaths frequently are triggered by feeling excluded.  Because they are so loving and inclusive it can feel painful when others are incapable of returning such intensity of emotion.  Focus on lessening the importance of stranger’s perceptions of you and treasure the ways your loved ones embrace you exactly as you are.  Prioritize the special people in your life and meet strangers’ ambivalence with detached kindness.

Having to Get Over It

Empaths can’t simple “get over” a traumatic event and people can view our response to pain as “over-the-top.”  Sadly, hearing words like this can make empaths feel like something is wrong with them and doubt their skill set.  Because of their ability to feel so acutely, it requires time and hard work for an empath to process trauma and extreme distress.  If this resonates with you, talk about your emotions and experiences with trusted outlets.  Your superpower is the ability to talk through such issues.  You use your strength of insight and feeling to improve the world within and around you.  Instead of worrying that you need to “get over” something, work on the ways you can move forward.  Your ability to understand emotions is not a burden, but a blessing.  Be patient and kind to yourself.

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