Balancing Your Inner Elements

Most know that the zodiac signs are affiliated with certain elements. While Capricorn is considered and earth sign and Cancer a water sign, few know that we are more than a single element. Each person holds a unique blend of earth, fire, air, and water within themselves. They are rarely equal meaning we are imbalanced. Learning your personal make-up and how it can help or hinder you is as important as understanding any other aspect of yourself. This article will delve into yourself in a new and often enlightening manner.

Default Setting

Knowing and understanding your personal default setting is a very important part of your spiritual self-care. The first thing you have to do is get natal or saying it another way, having your birth chart done. They are available online if you do not have one. Once you have your birth chart, you can see which signs are in your house and jot down the elements associated with each. There are different chart forms available, but simple is always easier to read and use. Try focusing on where the sun, moon, north node, and planets are in regard to your sign. If needed, an astrology psychic can help you learn and understand more about the details and placements as well. Below is a quick chart to help you determine which signs are ruled by the various elements.

  • Earth – Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus
  • Fire – Aries, Sagittarius, Leo
  • Air – Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
  • Water – Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

Most people will find they have an imbalance in their distribution. These imbalances can cause issues, but they can be fixed.


Being out of balance can manifest in many ways in life. Sometimes, a slight imbalance can be positive, but being extremely off balance can be negative and cause negative effects.

  • Earth – An earth imbalance can manifest as exhaustion, pessimism, and lethargy. It can cause you to get in your own way. Those with an earth imbalance are prone to cycles of feeling down or depressed.
  • Air – If you happen to be air heavy, you may tend toward overthinking instead of actually doing or accomplishing something. Your thoughts may race as you struggle to keep up. Some may even find themselves feeling out of breath.
  • Fire – Being fire heavy is often identified by a quick fuse or being angry or irritable often and quickly. However, it can also manifest as a lack of motivation due to too many interests, exhaustion, and on some occasions feeling constant thirst.
  • Water – Having too much water in your sign can create emotional outbursts or sudden mood swings. This can make it extremely difficult to make decisions on reason and logic.

Positives of Imbalance

There are some good qualities that come from an imbalance. Those heavy on earth are often well grounded and can be counted on to think clearly in high stress and emotional times. Those heavy on air often bring a new perspective and fresh ideas when a problem arises. This is due to an emotional connection to all that is around. Waters can be a reminder that choices based on intuition and heart are sometimes better than logic. Those heavy on fire can invigorate all around with determination and passion. These are positives, but if the imbalance remains too long, problems arise.

A Balancing Ritual

To balance your elements, start by finding a quiet place that will remain quiet for about 15 minutes. This activity can be done anytime, but right before bed or before getting up is often best for people. It should be done at least once a month, but can be done as often as you need. Once you understand what you feel like when you are out of balance, it can be reserved for those times. Now, close your eyes and take five deep breaths, in the nose, out the mouth. Focus on breathing and pause for a couple seconds between the inhale and exhale. Now, visualize a box appearing as clearly as possible. Once the image is clear, reach out and open it to look inside.

Inside the box are tokens to represent each of the four elements. These can manifest anyway you see fit. Take a look at the mix in your box and then remove each one and separate them into categories so you gain insight into your imbalance. Which elements are you heavy on? Which are light? Which are missing? Notice if the imbalance matches your birth chart. Sometimes it will, but others it will not because daily stressors and situations will send you out of balance. You may feel tired after this exercise, but this is normal.

Now that things have been broken down and the box emptied, reintegrate the elements into the box in a healthy and balanced way. Select only one token of each element to place back inside. When you are finished, the others should disappear because they are no longer necessary. Take another deep breath and imagine closing the box into yourself. It will dissolve and fill you with elemental energies you need, putting you in balance. Take another deep breath and open your eyes. Keep track of how you feel and noted imbalances to learn your patterns. If you find patterns when interacting with certain people, then you can add an element to adjust.

Using Imbalance as an Advantage

Planned imbalances can help when we need a boost. When you are working and attention is failing, try the balancing ritual and add fire or air to help generate energy or ideas. Extra water can help with energy, while earth can keep you grounded when things are stressful. Knowing your baseline can help you adjust as well as aiding in personal growth. Understanding how we are put together helps us grow into the best versions of ourselves. This is a simple exercise, but it manifests great rewards.

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