Soulmate Relationships that Are Not Very Good

Soulmate relationships are not always great, and they can be hurtful, but they are important for your spiritual growth.

Most people think about a soulmate and they get excited because they think that they are going to be with someone that is good for them and someone that makes them happy without any problems. They believe that their soulmate relationship will be perfect and that is furthest from the truth.

You might have a good time here and there but if you have met your soulmate, this is not going to be the perfect relationship that you hoped to have.

The purpose of your soulmate isn’t to make your life perfect, but it is to help you to get rid of your pride and your ego and to help you to grow and to develop as a better spiritual person. This can be very painful.

Hurting You

Your soulmate will hurt you. They are there to challenge who you are and to help you to be a better person. They want you to see who you are, and they force you to face ugly truths about yourself.

These are the things in your life that you have probably ignored about yourself forever and things that you have closed off to your life. These are the things that make you look at yourself and really see who you are.

When you are changing and you want to be a better person, it can be painful. You want to be comfortable and to feel good about your life, but you also want to protect yourself and to not have to face change. The thing about a soulmate is that they force you to do this change and this change is not a happy place to be.

Your soulmate will make you open up and find out all of the hidden garbage that you have hidden and that you have hid so that you didn’t have to feel the pain.

You may end up breaking up with them and having a broken heart and maybe you find that you break up and get back together over and over again and you are hurting but even though this is for your growth, it can cause you to feel angry and to be very painful.


Most of us hate being vulnerable to others and we put up walls so that we don’t have to suffer or hurt. Your soulmate will take down these walls and will force you to be vulnerable to them. They will tear down your boundaries and they will make you be your real self.

Your soulmate will help you to find who you are, and this can be very scary. They will take down your barriers and will force you to figure out who you are from your core to your outer being.

This will be scary, but it is meant to bring you freedom. When you are vulnerable, it means that you allow all of your hurts and all of your dreams to come to the surface. All of the dreams and ideas that you have hidden deep inside of you will come to the surface and you will be forced to face this brokenness.

You will fail and you will fail over again, but you will also succeed. Your soulmate will encourage you to take those broken dreams and to go after them again even if it means that you will fail again. They will never know, and neither will you until you try, and they will make you try.

They will take you from the outside to the inside and strip you down to where you have to face all of the things that have scared you for so long.

Your soulmate relationship will probably not last forever, very few do, but they will come to you at a time where you need to grow and where change is meant for your journey.

You will set relationships with people that you meet for different reasons and you will remember these for your whole life. Most of the people that you meet will be there because they have a purpose, and they need you to use them for that purpose. Your soulmate may make you feel bad and hurt you, but they had a purpose. You might have to let them go because they are there when you need them but when this need is gone it is time for you to move on without them.

They are there to help you reach your better self and to change and to learn your lessons. They are there to give you a gift, even if they hurt you. Hurting you is part of this relationship but let them hurt you so that you can grow, and you can be the best that you can be.

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