Celebrities Consults A Psychic Reader Too

We are all curious about what our future looks like,  so to be reassured that we are on the right path to happiness and success is of great value. It might seem like they should have nothing to worry about but like us, there are many celebrities seek advice and guidance from psychics, helping them to make important decisions in their life.

It is rumored that even important leaders such as the Reagans, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington all consulted psychics and astrologers to make sure that they were making the correct political decisions.

Lady Diana is famously known to have had regular psychic readings since the early days of her marriage. She also had a very keen interest in astrology, feng shui, crystals and healing. It appears that Diana made no major decisions in her life without consulting her psychic and her it is believed that her faith and trust in psychic powers stemmed from the fact that she was incredibly intuitive herself. It is reported that Diana had premonitions from an early age and at the age of thirteen told her father that she was going to marry someone very much in the public eye. Newspapers have also speculated that Diana was warned by a psychic that her car was going to be tampered with and confided in close friends that she knew her life was in danger.

When Cheryl Cole suffered the breakdown of her marriage to cheating husband Ashley Cole, she started to seek the advice of psychics. She confided with them on whether she should take Ashley back (as she was told he is her soulmate) and they helped her to process the events that had happened. It is reported that Cheryl happily admits to making life changing decisions based on the advice of an expert psychic. She has experienced face to face readings, followed by telephone readings with the same psychic whenever she feels the need for reassurance on her future.

Angelina Jolie is known to have consulted with psychics for many years. She first contacted a medium to try to connect with her mother who had passed away and to ask if Brad Pitt was definitely her lifelong partner. She also spoke to a psychic when she was torn between the decision of having another biological child or adoption and the media have also reported that her and Brad consulted a psychic to find out more about their unborn twins.

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