Dating an Energy Vampire

Many people that you are around will share their energy with you and their energy will follow you even if it is negative.  This can be your partner, your family, your friend or just people in a room.

You want to make sure that you are surrounding yourself with people that are positive and that they are letting their positive vibes to hook on you and not negative things.  You need to hang around people that want good things in their life and people that make you feel good when you are around them.

If you feel that you are around people that make you feel bad, and if you feel tired and upset when you are around them, chances are, they are an energy vampire.

Energy Vampire

An energy vampire is someone that is a victim and someone that is negative.  They will share their negative feelings with people around them so that they can find peace and feel better about themselves.

You must detach yourself from this person and even if you do, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love them, it just means that sometimes you have to take a break from them so that they can have time to work out what is going on inside of them.

You have to remove these negative people because they will hold you back and cause you to have unneeded stress in your life.  They will cause you to not be able to move forward and you will always be holding on to their negative energies.

If you feel that this is happening in your life, then you will know that you are around an energy vampire.  You will feel drama and you will never be able to make sense out of what they want from you.


If you know that you are spending time with energy vampires, you are on the right path to get out of this situation.  If this is your partner, you might need to learn to love them form a distance.  You can care about them and support them, but you might need to step away and set boundaries.

Keeping a distance from them will allow you to take a break and have time to get your emotions on track.  Even if you love them and support them, you can move forward, and you will be able to have better energies and happiness in your life.


Having boundaries is hard but it will be the best things that you can do.  If you have an energy vampire then you need to take a break from them and learn to stay away from the drama.  The energy suckers that you experiences will cause you to feel negative, but if you move on, you will enhance your life and find peace.


Along your journey, you will meet great people and you will have strong relationships.  Always be careful about who you are with and what kind of spirits you decide to hang out with.  If you meet someone that brings positive things to your life, this is a good thing.

If you have people that bring negativity in your life, learn to move on and to find people that can bring you joy and happiness.  An energy vampire does not mean to suck the life out of you, but this will happen and you need to be careful to protect yourself.

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