Discovering Your Clair

Perhaps you frequently get gut instincts, taste items in your dreams, hear the same random song playing in your head, or just know random facts about a stranger.  Everyone person has intuitive abilities, but how we harness our intuition is unique.  People have both dominant and subordinate vehicles of intuitions, and it’s ok if things don’t always make sense immediately.  Sometimes messages are sent in full or fragments.  Sometimes we get disturbed by what we are sent.

It is a brave, driven and virtuous person who connects with self and spirit, to listen to and allow intuition to manifest a path forward.  Intuition purpose is to serve as an inner compass, confidant and voice of wisdom that guides you through fear and darkness.

Ways intuition can communicate

Spirit is constantly sending out messages and updates.  What is important is finding the right frequency to tune into these ethereal broadcasts.  Think about which physical sense you gravitate most towards and they impact your intuition.

  • Do you gravitate towards images, and able to picture visuals in your third eye?
  • Can you can overstimulated easily?  Can certain sensations cause you to feel nauseous, or feel pain suddenly in parts of your body?
  • Are you drawn to noises and music, yet able to be an effective listener?  Do sounds suddenly arise within your third ear?
  • How does smell affect you?  Can you easily identify essential oils and how the odor affects your body and mind?  Can you smell things that others don’t notice?
  • Do you feel pulled to certain items, drawn to their energy and backstory?

Clairs are psychic senses that enable us to better connect with our internal and external worlds.  Extrasensory perception (ESP) methods are diverse and most people have a few of dominant sources of perception, as well as subordinate talents.  Below we will help you get to know each clair a bit better.

Clairvoyance or Clear Sight

Clairvoyance occurs when images, picture of symbols suddenly appear in the mind’s eye.  Often vivid dreams happen regularly or key moments in your life.  These movie-like stories play on a loop in your mind until salient concepts can be ascertained.  Many clairvoyants favor drawing or sketching events from their dreams or sudden images.  They gravitate towards visual careers like art, design, photography and architecture, space where they can bring creations to life.  In daily life they are great people to help redecorate a room or pack items.

When you see items from the corner of your eye, that’s Spirit talking to you clairvoyantly.  Work to hone abilities to perceive color, texture, and auras that surround beings and places.  You may recognize spirits how have crossed over, angels or guides.  These beings can often provide information for the future (precognition) or the past (postcognition) in order to make better decisions in the present.

Claircognizance or Clear Knowing

Claircognizance is the ability to instantly know something is fact, devoid of proof, justification, or evidence.  You just know, and it resonated within your entire being.  These insights happen in an array of situations and strikes like a bolt of lightning.  Perhaps you have an “aha” moment at work that will save the company ample money.  Or you might receive a detailed spiritual download or not be able to shake a thought.  Sometimes you will have a sense someone is being deceitful or know to take a certain road to avoid an accident.  You can recognize you are claircognizant and not clairsentient (clear feeling) being your “knowing” will occur without a physical manifestation to the sensation.

Clairsentience or Clear Feeling

Clairsentience is transmitted through physical and sensory means.  This includes “gut feelings,” like when a person is bothersome to you without and explanation and you get goosebumps.  Clairsentients feel the experience of other beings and places.  They easily sense strain or joy in the land or have sympathy “pains” for a loved one who is struggling.  Balance this overload by setting energetic boundaries.  A practice may include meditation, yoga, tai chi, mantras, or spiritual studies with an elder or mentor.  When you can attune to your feelings and how they can differ from others you can be effective with this special clair.  Clairsentient people thrive in caretaking roles like medical providers, therapists, teachers, and nannies.

Clairaudience or Clear Hearing

Clairaudience is a skill of hearing words, or noises within your third ear.  They may come from spirit guides, animals, ancestors, or even your inner wisdom.  It happens spontaneously like taking a walk and hearing “look” only for you to turn your head and see your dream home.  Clairaudients are drawn to careers in music, singing, writing, and oration.

Clairgustance or Clear Tasting

Clairgustance receive message as taste without a physical basis.   People with this talent recall “tasting” a favorite consumable of a deceased loved one, or some investigators experience odd tastes in their mouths that mimic the flavor of blood or specific chemicals that lead them towards discovering clues for a case.  Clairgustants love food and frequently become chefs, bakers or food bloggers.  They are choosey about what they eat and drink, selecting only high quality or grades of foods, and can be particular about how their items are sourced.

Clairalience or Clear Smelling

Clairalience involve a keen sense of smell.  Psychically these individuals receive messages incorporating a deceased loved one’s favorite flower or smelling their father’s bourbon and knowing they must call them.  Picking up information from the psychic nose helps people connect with past memories, thoughts, feels and knowledge.  Preferred professions include florist, scent creator, scientist, or perfume creator.

Identify Your Dominant Clair

Begin by reviewing the clairs above and notice which aspects resonated most with you.  Honor these sensations and commit to paying closer attention, learning more, or becoming more receptive to signs.  You can also choose the simple activity below.

Find a comfortable seat where you place your feet firmly on the ground.  Take a series of diaphragmic breathing.  Look around your surroundings and use your sense to receiving information.  Close your eyes, did you notice any sounds, lights, smells, feelings, or tastes?  Open your eyes and journal your insights with as much detail as possible.  Now go deeper, can you pick up anything else?  During a review notice which senses manifested most for you.  Record how your intuition is picking up messages and reflect on ways you can strengthen your abilities.

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