Seeing Dark Figures

There is a common fear many share, fear of the dark. One reason darkness can be scary is that the eyes can play tricks when the lights are turned low. A simple thing like a jacket hanging on the door can suddenly turn into a person, as can a pillow on the bed or a lump under the covers. Some of these things can be easy to explain or understand, but there are others that could be something much darker in nature. When you catch a glimpse of a dark, shadowy, humanlike figure, these are actually shadow people. To those who have experienced this and studied them, it can be terrified.

Maybe you have had such an experience when watching TV or reading a book when all of the sudden you see what appears to be a human moving around out of the corner of your eye. It may only be for a moment, but you are sure you saw it. This can be easy to chalk up to a trick of the eye or a car reflection on a wall, but many have reported specific and similar sightings. This captivates the paranormal minded of those around us. This is what are now defined as shadow people.

The specific term of shadow people was coined by Heidi Hollis who has written several books on paranormal phenomena. She states that shadow people have always been around and pose a dark influence on society as a whole. They are mentioned in the Quran and are not considered spiritual or physical. Most appear in the periphery vision and those who experience them are unable to describe any details beyond a human like form and on occasion, fiery red eyes. Recently, it seems that people have begun to see them in greater detail, perhaps because they want to be seen for some horrifying reason. One specific detail being seen more often is the red eyes.

There are numerous theories about the origin of shadow people and whether they are real. Skeptics believe they are from sleep paralysis, a heightened emotional state, or even sleep deprivation as a correlation has been noted for many people. However, this does not explain how people seem to see the same thing. Some simply believe these shadow people are due to eye tricks that are designed to detect movement. This could cause someone to create a shadow person when in the right mindset for such a thing.

There are also paranormal theories which seem to resonate more with those who have had such an experience and feel these beings are real. Hollis believes that shadow people are extra-terrestrials.  others have seen an extra-terrestrial connection as well. Still, others believe they are demons, ghosts, or interdimensional type beings.  One psychic medium believes they are conscious, intelligent interdimensional beings that can shapeshift and move between dimensions. This sounds soft of plausible, but they it does not explain why the interactions are overwhelmingly negative. However, some shadow beings are not threatening, just dark and scary to most.

One specific type of shadow person, known as the Hat Man is said to be excessively demonic. He is said to wear a top hat. Some shadow people have reportedly tried to be more physical as when the person wakes up, having sleep paralysis, and find they are being choked or even suffocated. Regardless of their intent, shadow people are dark and scary, not a positive experience. If they are of concern to you, try using crystals around the bed or on your person when you catch a glimpse of one.

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