Five Tips Empaths Can Use to Safeguard Against Energy Vampires

Empaths are keenly sensitive individuals that fluctuating energy they encounter.  In a sense, they are energy sponges who must constantly ensure that do not absorb negative vibrations or fall victim to energy vampires.  Empaths have moods intwined with people that encounter throughout the day.  This unfortunately causes them to easily become exhausted and weak, and as such they will often avoid highly social situations like parties or crowded shopping centers.  Thankfully, there are methods empaths can use to protect their energy and improve their life.

Five strategies to guard against energy vampires:

  1. Create physical space: If you notice a person is causing you to feel drains, begin to distance yourself.  Consider using this time to grab a drink or a bathroom break.
  2. Breathe: When you feel your emotions or energies running amok, but you can’t step away, try this simple mediative exercise. In your mind’s eye see yourself expelling the toxic vibration out of your body via your breath.  Whenever people hold their breath it allows any tension and stress to linger.  Breathe in deeply from your diaphragm and exhale visualizing the grey and black energy leaving your body.
  3. Say “No”: Empaths are such sensitive souls that they want people to be “happy or harmonious,” and as such feel guilty when they say “no.”  Become comfortable with the idea of setting boundaries to conserve your energy and understand when spending your time and attention on others is appropriate.  Practice how to say “no” in a firm, but kind manner.  Allow yourself grace and kindness to practice self-care, and you will notice how your life begins to improve.
  4. Enjoy nature: Having solo time in nature is restorative for empaths and serves to recharge their mental and spiritual batteries.  How empaths enjoy nature will differ greatly between people.  If you can’t get outside, look out of your window or at a photo.
  5. Protective visualizations: Doing visualization exercises can help you create a psychic shield to safeguard against psychic attacks.  Begin by practicing these exercises at home so you can become so comfortable with these skills you can do near instantly when you are out in people and around high-intensity individuals.

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