12 Ways Angels Communicate with You

Even in our darkest moments, our angels are with us.  Although we can’t physically hear our angels, they communicate with us through a variety of signs.  When you can train your mind, you will begin to see all the ways they are showing us love and companionship.

Here are 12 of the most common forms:

  1. Feathers

One of most frequently sent message, feathers will appear literally in path you are traveling.  Perhaps you will see it outside a window, or on the ground on the way to pick up your mail.  You will notice this sign because of the thought “What a magnificent feather.”  Admiring its detail with shift our perspective into a more positive lens and calm any racing mind.  Think of feathers as a greeting from your guardian angels.  You can choose to ask the angels for any deeper meaning and notice what thoughts suddenly form in your mind.

  1. Interesting light patterns

Typically noticed as a flash or floating orb, these angelic signs are delivered in your home.  Nothing about these light patterns will feel scary, just impactful.  The patterns can be diverse from a flicker out of the corner of your eye to floating balls of light captured in a photograph.  These are signs of angels nearby telling you that you are loved and they are there for you.

  1. Physical sensations

Angels are playing and enjoy tickling or sending tingling sensations that promote a sense of positive wonder.  If this resonates with you, ask them to send more of these physical signs to you.  If you want to understand the blissful feelings ask them to show they are around and in which situations they send you these experiences.  Then wait a few days and notice over often you are awash in light and positivity.

  1. Hearing voices

Angels want you to be open to their presence, but never to scare you.  Notice if you ever hear a calm voice talking inside your head.  At first it will sound like your voice, but with time you will pick up new tones, personalities and experiences.  Often angels speak most to you during moments of danger or extreme conflict in order to guide you to safety.  As you hone this ability, you will notice this voice will speak to you when you need additional comfort to imbibe you with strength and peace.

  1. Butterflies

Butterflies are sent by angels to uplift your spirit.  This sign can reassure you that positive change is about to benefit your life.  It’s a message of wonderous transformation like that of a caterpillar metamorphosizing into a butterfly.  Take comfort in this sign.  If the butterfly land on you, this transformation will be that much more powerful.  Try to quiet your mind and ask the angel to communicate in more detail about this opportunity that awaits you.

  1. Aromas

Pleasant smells can be sent from loved ones that have crossed over, or our angels, to give us comfort and to let us know they are never far away from us.

  1. Music

Has a song suddenly popped into your head and the lyrics aligns precisely with your current situation or mindset?  Angels are excellent singers with minds like the most complete music songbook.  This means sending you the right song for your exact moment either directly to you or via a reader.  People skilled in clairaudience pick up divine-sent music readily.

  1. Temperature changes

Angels will gently fluctuate the temperature around you to signal that thy are near.  This can come in the form of a warm, pleasing sensation in your body.  You may feel tingling, or like you are being held.  Other times, you might feel an enjoyable coolness out of the blue that feels soothing.  Ask you angels what they are trying to tell you, listen, then act of their feedback.  They may be trying to give you encouragement.

  1. Birds

White birds like doves are sent from spirit to be signs of positivity and spirituality.  This blessing becomes amplified if you have a flock that visits regularly.  Since birds are common creatures to see, pay attention to the unusual and check in with your intuition to see if it is in fact a sign.  At times seeing a special bird will be a means to confirm an instinct of yours.  If you have sudden feeling wash over you after seeing the bird, it’s the universe’s way of saying “yes!”

Deceased love ones also send birds as signs, especially on dates import to the two of you.  In particular, look for robins or doves.  Otherwise consider other bird species that are special to you, your loved one or an angel.  All angels can have signature signs.  As time moves one heed those unique signs that resonate with you as a way to confirm an angel or a loved one is nearby.

  1. Numbers

Angels provide numbers to convey specific message.  Pay close attention to number that appear in sequences of three like 111 or 444.

  1. Coins

Pennies in particular are especially powerful signs from angels.  Depending on where you notice the coin or what you might have been thinking about prior to noticing the coin plays a key rule.  Heads can be a confirmation and tails might be the universal red light.  It could also mean luck with money is heading into your life.

  1. Rainbows

Rainbows are profound celestial messages, especial in the absence of rain or if it is a double rainbow.  Trust your gut.  If you felt inspired to look up suddenly, or if you felt it was heaven sent, honor those insights. Angels send you rainbow to confirm that they have heard your prayers and are with you.

Angels send you signs to confirm their existence.  If you lack this faith, ask your angels to send you a special sign.  They will honor your request.  Although it might not happen immediately, look for any of the signs we listed to above to manifest in your life.  Have fun with this adventure.  Angels are playful and joyous creatures who enjoy surprising and exciting you beyond belief.

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