Manifesting Money and Wealth Through Meditation

The Law of Attraction works with your thoughts and your emotions. When you are positive, you are able to keep your emotions in check and this will help you to bring positive things into your life. This is the idea of manifesting things to yourself. When you bring positive things into your thoughts and your emotions, you will have positive things come back to you.

The Law of Attraction works with everything in your life including money, relationships, and your job. Manifesting money and relationships mean that you are positive and that you are similar to a magnet, attracting to yourself whatever you are creating in your world.

Does this sound hard to you? It is really easy. There are so many things that you can do when you use the Law of Attraction with positive thinking.

Positive Affirmations

When you want to attract money and good finances in your life, there are no tools that you need but your own state of mind. You can use positive affirmations when you meditate and throughout your day and this can help you to raise your vibrations, have a positive outlook and attract money to your life.

Using positive affirmations means that you talk to yourself and you learn to become aware of what you want in your life. When you do this, you will see change in your feelings and your spirit.

Here are some positive affirmations you can use to attract money to yourself:

  • I can work on my goals and dreams today.
  • Imagine yourself with a lot of money and say, “I work hard so that I can have money that I need and want.”
  • “I have learned new things about myself so that I can grow and move forward in life.”


You can use manifestation mediation to bring money to your life. There are different things that you can do in order to get money to come to you.

One way you can do this is to imagine what you want in your life. Imagine how you would spend your money and what you would do with it.

Keep these thoughts for as long as you can. You might feel negative at first or start to doubt but learn to ignore this and keep being successful. The more you meditate and feel better about yourself, the more barriers you can remove.

Crystals and Gems

Another thing you can do to manifest money to your life is to use crystals while you meditate. There are many crystals that can help to attract money. These crystals are not that expensive to buy and can be found online or at crystal shops.

Some of the best crystals are:

  • Fool’s Gold or Pyrite
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Malachite
  • Citrine
  • Tiger’s Eye

If you know how powerful the stones are, you will see that you are able to bring money into your life and to attract abundance. The Citrine for example can help you to start a new business.

The way that you use the stones is up to you. Some people choose to wear the stones and others carry them around with them during their days. Still yet, some people create a crystal grid and leave it in their home.

I-Ching Coins

When you need guidance in your life, consider I-Ching. I-Ching is a Chinese tradition that uses coins or sticks to lead them down the right path. If you need to improve your finances and you want to use the Law of Attraction, you can use the coins because it represents your money.

You can learn I-Ching for yourself or you can find a professional I-Ching to guide you in what you need.

Feng Shui

You can use I-Coins if you want to do Feng Shui and to get more money in your life. You can do this by putting 3, 6 or 9 coins together with a red string. This can be in a straight row or a flower design.

Where to Put Your Coins

Your coins can be placed here and there in your home and here are some places you can put them:

  • In your wallet.
  • In your purse.
  • In your cash register.
  • In your safe.
  • In the bank.
  • On the front door to reprint money coming to you.
  • In your office.
  • By your computer.

Putting it Together

Now that you understand the different ways to bring money to yourself, you can do these rituals, or you can combine more than one. You can use candles, gems, crystals, meditation, positive affirmations and more. Develop your thinking and increase your money.

Having good finances is your right and you can get the help from a financial psychic if you want to see what kind of things are holding you back.

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