How to Face Your Shadow After the Age of 60

People all have a dark side of their personality, and this can be hard to deal with. We all have things in our life that we don’t want to face, and we often deny these things in order to keep them hidden.

According to Carl Jung, a psychiatrist, he called this the shadow side of a person.

Dealing with Negative Thinking

The world tells us that women are to be loving, forgiving, compassionate and to have good morals and standards. As children, women are taught not to be messy and to do what it takes to fit into society.

We will often hide the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, and we will bury these things in order to not have to face the judgement that others have. Some people will be too shameful to admit these dark parts.

You have a shadow side and I have a shadow side. This is where our negative thinking comes from and where we have impulses that we have to hide for our whole lives or at least we think we do.

Loving Your Dark Side

Just because you have a dark side doesn’t mean you aren’t a good person. You have always been there for people that you love, and you take care of your family, friends and loved ones. You deal with the hard things in life without complaining.

You are not alone, and we all have a dark side. There are parts of everyone’s personally that is manipulative and self-centered.

Women often have secrets that are dark, and this can be sexual fantasies and other things. This can be things that are wishes of revenge or jealous feelings. These things come and this is normal for everyone.

Women that are over the age of 60 often want to embrace their shadow self. They are tired of hiding these things in their life and they are choosing to embrace their thoughts that are not acceptable.

Expressing Yourself Honestly

When you get older in your life, you will want to live your true self. You will want to grow and be balanced. You will be creative, and you will want to make friends with parts of yourself that are even negative.

Once you are over 60, you stop hiding this part of your life and you learn to live the dangerous life. Hiding this can cause you to end up depressed or divorced or even in pain which will lead to death. This can be stressful things in your life because of hiding it all these years and it can leave you tired and unhealthy.

Embracing Your Shadow Self

Here are some benefits of embracing your shadow self:

  • Accepting yourself without judging and you are more accepting of others.
  • You find your shadow side and it helps you to know who you are and to be comfortable with yourself.
  • You have less health issues.
  • You can make friends with this part of your life.

How to Face Your Shadow

  • Get rid of the shame that you feel and accept yourself unconditionally.
  • Journal and write down what you are feeling.
  • Meditate and focus on loving yourself.
  • Know your good qualities and know that those are the most important parts of you.
  • Your shadow self is opposite of who you are.
  • Know that your shadow self is part of your power and your passions.
  • Talk to someone.

You must learn to accept your part and to accept the journey in front of you. Face your dark side and learn to let it make you whole. Be comfortable in who you are and get rid of your negative thinking. Your shadow side should not scare you and you should embrace it.

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