Looking to Spirit for Help

People get used to depending on others for advice, counsel, and even confidence. We look to our parents for guidance when we are children and even as adults. Brothers, sisters, friends, counselors, and even pastors are some of those we depend on.

Some people don’t have that. Someday, any of us may not have that for several reasons. Parents die. Siblings move away and have their own families. Friends are busy. People, as wonderful as they are, aren’t dependable. They can’t be. They’re human.

However, Spirit is dependable and is always there. That is the One we can always turn to for advice and support.

What Is Spirit?

Different religions label Spirt many things but most refer to this entity as the Holy Spirit. It is a sacred entity that understands the universe and is one with God. That is why Spirit can be trusted.

Spirit seeks to do many things for us.


Spirit often becomes a hedge of protection for us even when we put ourselves at unnecessary risk. Spirit can do things for us that keep us safe such as set up coincidental meetings with others so we don’t walk somewhere alone or uses circumstances to force us in a different direction.

Spirit, once we allow this entity in our lives, can do far more to protect us. There are stories of people who have survived in unbelievable circumstances because of things Spirit did in convicting others in their actions, turning their hearts to not produce violence or even incidental things that stopped a bad situation from getting worse.


Spirit often guides us to do things that God wants us to do. It is always for either our good or for the good of others. The Bible describes how disciples chose where they would go to preach based on what the Spirit told them.

This guidance can be related to anything. It could be what job to take, what school to go to, or even what person to marry. All you have to do is ask for guidance and Spirit will give it!


One of Spirit’s duties is to teach you the things of God. It is only by the Spirit that we can understand Scripture or anything about God. God is far too advanced and holy for our minds to comprehend.

A problem with those of early Christianity is they felt they needed a spiritual leader to tell them what to think of God. In those days, it was the Levite priests, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees. Such leaders condemned those who tried to learn and interpret Scripture for themselves.

Yet, that was the core of the Christian faith. It is based on the idea that Jesus is our priest and lives within us so we no longer need a religious leader to tell us what Scriptures mean. The Bible states “You don’t need any man to teach you for the Spirit can teach you all things.”

Pastors and others are helpful in our process but the Spirit should take the lead in learning.


A lot of people feel lonely. You are never alone with Spirit. Spirit can be there with you every moment of every day and can help fix loneliness, even if you are alone. One Scripture points this out by saying that God is our all in all. He is our father, our mother, our brother, our sister, our friend.

In other words, God can fulfill any relationship need you have through the Spirit. Spirit lets you know you are loved and cared for and can even bring people into your life so you aren’t lonely!

Understanding Spirit may seem illogical at first. After all, it is putting faith in someone you can’t see – just like trusting God. However, once you develop a relationship with Spirit, you will find that it is one of the best relationships you’ll ever have.

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