Twin Flame Pain

Twin flames are meant to be gifts to you from the universe but that does not come without pain and heartache, even rejection.  When you have a twin flame, you can expect there to be unconditional love, but you can also expect there to be hurt.

Before you and your twin flame came to earth, you both loved each other very much and you have become their collective human being.

Love Versus Unconditional Love

Most people on earth do not know what real love is.  Unconditional love is something that most people do not even know about because regular love includes bonding, sex, being together, getting married and more.  Humans love each other because of something, and this is not unconditional love.

Humans be afraid attached to their love and they are always afraid of losing the one that they love or that their love will end, and they will get hurt.

Having unconditional love is different because there are no expectations and there are no reasons to love, the love is just there.

With unconditional love, there is no fear.  This kind of love is part of energy and it cannot be in the same space as human love.  True love is part of the vibrational frequency and it is very high and invincible.  This love is a desire to share the love with everything that is on the earth and being without fear.

Unconditional love means loving no matter what someone else thinks or feels.

Forgetting Our Twin Flame

Having a twin flame is unconditional love and when they come, they come so that we can experience this again from a physical perspective.

We forget this kind of love once we left the universe and came to the earth and this is where fear and guilt and worry had attached to us.  All of the human patterns of love became part of us once we came to the earth.

Most twin flames forget why they are there and even though they have the high vibrational frequencies that are calling their twin to them, they have to become awakened to it again because it brings them the true soul self.

Beyond all of the earth energies and all of the negativity that has invaded our lives, our twin soul shares an unconditional love with us.

We forgot this when we became human again and we have to learn to understand how people on the earth feel and how separate and different their love is compared to a twin flame love.

Once the twin begins to be awakened, our souls begin to remember what unconditional love is and to push towards their twin flame.  They will push and release all of the hidden questions.

The twin flame journey can be hard because of this high energy and the best way to handle it is to make sure that the energy is cleared and painless and that there are effective ways to experience a shift between the twin flames.

Challenges and Hurt

To reach unconditional love, our souls have to go deeper and have a deeper understanding of the challenges that are faced.  They have to meet people that are hard to love and those that have come to teach us what unconditional love really is.

Being nice and loving and being around people that are the same makes it easy to love them, but it is the hard to love people that can show you the difference between love and unconditional love.

This person that is often pushing you to find unconditional love is your twin flame.  The truth is that they are there to help you along your journey and to help you to know who you are.  The reason that hurt helps to teach us is that it breaks down any walls that we have built.

Breaking down the walls takes away any illusions of reality that we had and makes us see things clearly.  Hurt helps to push us past the edge and helps us to make changes and to take chances that would otherwise keep us stuck.

Spiritual Teacher

It can be hard to accept hardships and challenges that come in our lives, but these are the people who are teaching us the most.  They show us how our old wounds and hurt are teaching us to be better people.

The meanest teachers that we had were also the greatest teachers because they challenged us and made us look deeper for the answers.

If you want to have a smoother journey then you need to be ready to look inside each thing that you encounter, even those that are not very kind to you.

Look for the hardest people and find the child soul inside of them and look behind their toughness and their rudeness and see what kind of love they have inside of them.  Check out their behaviors.


There is always a reason to meet people that are hard to love.  They are like that because they have become shut off to the world and they don’t know how to love others and so they don’t expect anyone to love them either.

Like other Twin Flames, there are parents that are there that have caused issues.  There are people that have never been shown love by their mom or dad and they come to a point where they feel that if their own family couldn’t love them then why would anyone else.

Some families have dozens of children that have gone unloved and been rejected and this carries on to their adulthood.  It is as if karma follows the action and they carry on the ancestral karma and this is why there is so much struggle in love.

A twin flame is there to break that karmic pattern and stops people form being stuck in hurt and pain.  They can get past this once they make it through the hurt and once, they unlock the issues that are blocking them from finding love.

Freeing Yourself

One big change happens when you stop being hurt and victimized by others and begin to realize that everyone is fighting their own battles.  People be afraid and they are distorted in their perceptions of life and so they do not always treat people the way that they deserve.

When you begin to realize that people are this way, it will show you that there is beauty in everyone and that they are there to show you what heaven and earth is like.  You will stop attracting those that will hurt you.

You came here to find love and to experience it and so shutting down because of the hurt and pain has kept you at a distance.  Your soul will be working in in order to free you and help you to be able to be vulnerable to love.

Twin Flame Hurt

One of the biggest things that happens I that at some point your twin flame might hurt you.  They have been through the negative patterns themselves and this happened long before you came into their life.  You have chosen to grow and to continue in life and you have let issues come to you but now you are growing, and you are working towards unconditional love.

In this part of your journey you have taken your perceptions and your limits, and you have learned to love your twin unconditionally.  You have learned to love no matter what and even when they push your buttons, you have learned to question what you are learning in the situation.

When you begin to look for goodness in everyone and everything, including yourself, you will shine more, and you will be able to give and receive unconditional love and this will cause your vibrational frequency to raise.

When you clear your energy and you open up to unconditional love, you will get rid of the negativity that comes with the earth patterns and you will have less fear and stress in your life.  You will have less negativity.

Giving Up

When you are about to give up on your twin flame because of the hurt and pain that you are feeling, you will see that there is a way to work through it.  Remember, you are about to make it through so stop putting up blocks and learn to confront it and move forward.  The biggest growth comes from facing the journey and everyone has a choice to love and forgive each other.

Your love will grow deeper and stronger as your connection gets closer.  If you begin to feel like giving up, remember to give it another try so that you and your twin can make it through the situation.  Do not let the pain take over you and focus on something that will help to shift your energies.

Learn to forgive and get rid of the negativity when you are hurt.  Give yourself and your twin flame a chance.  The spirit shows us that if a twin flame has grown up in a hard situation that it can be hard for them to love and that is the biggest hurt of all.

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