How to Interpret the 22 Aura Colors

Auras are energy fields that surround both living and non-living beings, which have distinct colors.  Each color reflects various aspects due to how it interacts with all the energy from the Universe.  Every facet of life vibrates with this Universal energy and aura are electro-photonic vibrations in response to light.  Aura colors will fluctuate with time and consciousness, but can never be faked.  They help us see a person for who they are as well as detect diseases, health issues, emotions, and more.

There are twelve main aura colors, seven of which relate to the seven charkas.  Yet, with various shades of the primary colors the color rises to 22.  Reading auras requires time to master, especially if even insufficient information at the beginning.  To being reading auras, one must understand each color and the various shades.

Primary aura colors

The first seven colors are connected to chakras.

  • Red – Root/base Chakra
  • Orange – Sacral Chakra
  • Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Green – Heart Chakra
  • Blue – Throat Chakra
  • Indigo – Third Eye Chakra
  • Purple – Crown Chakra

The remaining five colors are: pink, silver, brown, black, and white.  Although they aren’t tied to the human body, they still hold great significance.


The color of passion and sexual urges.  Seeing this color aura signals they have grounded life goals, including balance emotions or psychic skills.  This person view wealth as a means to enjoy life more fully and loathes to deny themselves anything that brings them joy.


People with orange auras are content with their friends, family, and environment.  If they have a lot of orange in their aura, this person makes and maintain friendships with ease.  The Sacral Chakra governs the emotions that influences one’s relationships with others.


This person is enjoying inner happiness and balance.  Yellow is the color of a playful spirit, increased self-esteem, spiritual awakening, wisdom, and a desire for greatness.


Surprisingly green is the color of self-love, not pink, despite the colors vibrating at the same frequency.  Green auras herald a person in love with their counterpart or someone with a compassionate heart.  This person gravitates towards animals, plants, friends, family and life in general.


Communication is vital for this person.  Blue auras indicate a person is drawn to mediation, possesses a peaceful mind, and loyal to their loved ones.  This person is the main support system for their friends, family, and perhaps even strangers.


People with indigo aura are connected to their higher self and have a thirst for mystical truths.  They enjoy exploring philosophy, spirituality, and external energy.  It can also reveal this person uses their skills to uncover truth from lies.


The pinnacle of all chakra colors.  People with purple aura thrive in seeing the big picture and how things are interconnected.  They are artistic spirits who work to guide others to their full potential.


People with this aura experience happiness and harmony with their environment.  They are to both themselves and others.


The color of abundance both in terms of spiritual and materials gifts


Seeing this color is a warning that this person is greedy and self-absorbed


Although you might be nervous to see this color, it isn’t “bad.”  Instead, the person is suffering with pent-up anger or grief.  They must learn to forgive their situation and release the pain, which may be from the present or past events.  It can also indicate poor health.


White symbolized energy protection.  In an aura it could reflect a person focused on spiritual matters conducted on earth, or an indicate an indifference to material possession.  This person is likely quite healthy.

Aura Shades

In addition to the primary aura colors, there are various shades that are reflected in people.  When you see these shades either by the naked eye or in a photo, it is important to know these meanings since they can reveal some important truths.

Light Blue

This person is a gifted and truthful communicator.  They are at peace with their surroundings and situation.

Royal Blue

This person is always up for an adventure and exploring their spirituality

Deep Red

This aura indicates a warrior spirit that survives any encounter they face.  This person is well-grounded and realistic about most situations.

Dull Red

This person must seek help to release the tremendous amount of anger they possess.


Seeing this color signals depression or reduced self-esteem.  This person is struggling with low energy and varying levels of sadness or self-doubt.

Emerald or Light Green

This person has a powerful gift of healing

Dull Forest Green

This shade of green reflects a person that is quite jealous, resentful, and infallible.

Bright Yellow

A playful soul that may be undertaking a spiritual awakening

Dark Yellow

Common in college or high school students since they are facing stress to achieve high test scores.  Otherwise, this person may be trying to regain their passion for learning.

Lemon Yellow

Fearful of loss whether love, career, family, or an item.  This person may be afraid of losing something out of their control.

Seeing your aura colors

You can read your aura in multiple ways.  The aura capturing camera is a common item at psychic fairs or spiritual stores due to their ease of usability.  People can also take clear pictures of their aura from the comfort of their own house.  Yet, you can see your aura color without the aid of a camera with the following steps:

  1. Hold up your hand with the palm facing towards you against a solid white background.
  2. Soften your gaze by looking off in the distance
  3. Shift your gaze to your hand, especially the outline of your fingers.
  4. Notice a clear outline between your fingers. If you are having difficulty seeing, move your hand slightly.
  5. Move your hand towards the right of your peripherals vision.
  6. What colors do you see?

You may also choose to stand in front of a full-length mirror with a plain background behind you without any shadows in the room.  Make sure this room has soft and uniform lighting.  Stare a single spot (ideal in the middle of the brow chakra) for at least 30-60 seconds.  Focus on this spot and resist the urge to shift your gaze.  Now, look peripherally to process your surroundings without lifting your gaze from the brow chakra.  The longer you focus, the more you will notice differences in background colors near and farther away from you.  These are your aura colors.

Seeing aura colors in others

  1. Stand roughly 10 feet from the person
  2. Stare at the person’s bridge of the nose
  3. Have peripheral vision to see objects in the room without actually looking directly at them.
  4. Shift focus to the person’s forehead center. You should notice the aura colors around their head.


Different aura colors reflect thoughts, intentions, and desires at a particular moment in time.  These are our true spiritual color for this instance.  The more intense, clearer, and brighter the aura the stronger the person is spiritually.  It can also reflect them being spiritually grounded or healthy due to balance energy throughout the body.  Auras reveal much about a person including their true character, personality, feelings, and thoughts.  Auras speak louder than any word since it comes straight from the soul.  By practicing for 10-15 daily you can hone your “auric sight” to discover the aura colors within yourself and others.

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