Understanding Your Astro Chart

An astral, or astro, chart details the position of each planet in the different zodiac signs and astrological houses according to an individual exact time and location of birth.  Its goal is to help a person know themselves better and how they react to the environment around them.  The astral chart has a predictive ability since it reveals behavioral patterns this person will face throughout their life.  Often, these predilections will make certain events more likely to occur, and thus make astro charts a powerful tool of self-insight.

Why is an astro chart important?

An astral chart is comprised of zodiac signs, astrological houses, planets and the planetary aspects.  However, the three key aspects of an astro chart are the position of the Sun, Moon, and the Ascendant Sign.

  • Sun sign: The date of a person birth.  This is commonly known as our zodiac sign.  If a person is a Gemini, it is because the Sun is in Gemini during the moment of their birth.  The sun sign reflects the core of one’s personality both in terms of consciousness and uniqueness from others.  This star is the most powerful energy source, from which we draw strength to achieve our desires.  The Sun reaffirms masculinity for men and how women perceive masculinity.
  • Moon sign: The Moon is a sign of feminine energy in all genders.  It reflects a person’s emotional world (including emotional regulation, mood swings and affection), maternal relationship, home, family, childhood, fertility and diet.  In adult years, the Moon shows how a person perceives parenthood and relationships with kids.  The Moon also governs the subconscious, intuition, and extrasensory skills.  Pay attention to the lunar phases: new, waxing, full, and waning as each show how this star manifests.
  • Ascendant sign: This reflects one’s external personality, temperament, physical appears, how we present ourselves to the world, and how others view us.  The Ascendant signs’ energy dictates how we work to achieve our goals.  It also coneys information about our natal family, our environmental, and our connection to others.


Planets in an astro chart reflect all existential areas in a person’s life.  Each planet has a distinct meaning and way it impacts the individual.  Knowing this information helps reveal our abilities, limitations, hurdles, and resources.  Then we can harness the power to improve the positive attributes or reverse negative trends in our birth chart.

  • Mercury: Governs intelligence, rationality, and communication.  It shows how we process our environment, problem solving, and communication.  Mercury influences the media and the sharing of events, as well as commerce, business and sound marketing.
  • Venus: Facilitates love, beauty, femininity, and aesthetics.  For women, it harkens to how one seduces others or presents aesthetically.  In men it reflects their preference in women.  Venus steers the love life in any person and represents art or harmony in any form.
  • Mars: Represents masculinity, courage, action, drive, aggression, war, and sexual urges.  It amplifies men’s masculine persona and revels the type of man women desire.  Mars energy implore us to seek out our goals and overcome any hurdles that stands in our way.
  • Jupiter: Reveal our capacity for growth in any area, joy, and good fortune.  It compels us to discover wisdom and life’s truths.  Jupiter encourages us that things always can get better.  Because it governs travel and adventure, this planet makes us curious about other cultures and lifestyles.  It also provides ample self-esteems to help achieve any goal.
  • Saturn: Governs obstacles, passage of time, laws, duties, aging, and parenthood.  It reflects the hurdles we must overcome in life and urges us to take responsibility for our actions.  However, it also provides us with patience, resilience, discipline to find success.
  • Uranus: A planet of rebellion and revolution for the establishment.  It encourages independence and uniqueness in people as well as the quest for freedom and justice for anyone to find fulfillment in their life.
  • Neptune: The planet of spirituality, emotions, intuition, imagination, and subconscious.  It develops the arts, creativity and aesthetics so humanity can tap into ourselves and reveal our innermost mysteries. If Neptune is neglected it can cause isolation, rejection of the real world, and an escape into our fantasies.
  • Pluto: Reveals profound transformations, radical changes, and regeneration in a person.  It reflects our secrets, death, loss, and confinement to help purge anything that no longer serves us so we can be reborn stronger and more hopeful

Planetary aspects

These are the angular distances between planets presented in following four key variants

  • Conjunction: How planets connect and become enhanced
  • Opposition: How to balance two opposing life aspects
  • Trigon: The harmony between planets and their positive manifestations in our life.
  • Quadrature: Signifies tension in an area of our life that we must work to harmonize.

The 12 astrological houses

These reflects sections of life and key places given planetary energy manifests.

  • House 1: External persona, physical appearance
  • House 2: Wealth, currency, material goods
  • House 3: The mind, communication, friends, siblings
  • House 4: Mother, home, family
  • House 5: Kids, toys, fun, creativity
  • House 6: Work, service, health, order
  • House 7: Love, beauty, statistics, connections, justice
  • House 8: Death, lineage, mystery
  • House 9: Travel, philosophy, culture, relgion
  • House 10: Jobs, success, social standing
  • House 11: Friends, sociability
  • House 12: Karma, subconscious, intuition

Benefits of an astral chart

Any time you face a crossroad in your life, it may be time to consult an astral chart.  Deciphering this chart will help you gain insight into yourself, how you relate to other, and behavioral patterns.  As you process the information you will discover reasons you act or present the way you do.  It will help you strengthen your gifts and correct your shortcomings, so you have a better chance of living the life of your dreams.

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