What is Intuition and How Can it Help You?

Most people have an idea of what intuition is and they explain it often as a gut feeling. Maybe you have had some experiences that make you understand intuition more such as:

  • You feel that you are making the best decision in life.
  • You made a career change because you thought it was the best and it ended up being good for you and your family.
  • You felt strange about someone or you felt something was wrong with a particular person.
  • You knew someone wasn’t feeling good without them telling you.
  • You knew that someone was going to call you and then the phone rang.
  • You felt intuition in getting guidance on certain situations in your life.

Here are some things that people use to describe intuition:

  • Knowing.
  • Seeing the light.
  • My heart tells me things.
  • I am in the zone.
  • Having insight.
  • Aha! Moment.
  • Having a gut feeling.
  • A hunch.
  • Hearing and inner voice.
  • Sixth Sense.
  • Having a feeling.

Even people that are used to intuition and have experienced it often have a hard time describing what it is. Intuition is knowing something without having real information.

Psychic and Intuition

A psychic experience is part of intuition and intuition describes different ways that you know things without having a real reason.

Here are some things that you might experience:

  • I have a creative idea.
  • I knew what you were thinking.
  • I had a psychic experience.
  • I had an instinctive knowing.

Psychic experiences are just part of intuition and they are a gift that many people have.

Intuition and Spiritual Experiences

Intuition can happen to anyone at any time and they are spiritual experiences. No one can know or describe things that are going to happen without having this gift.

Many people experience different forms of intuition, but it is all the same in the end.

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