Psychic Reading with Kim Kardashian

The show “Mama Medium,” is a very popular show about a medium that brings families together and allows there to be closing and healing.  According to an article, Kim Kardashian loves the show “Mama Medium” and wants to go to her so that she can read her fortune.

According to Mama Medium, she is so happy that Kim Kardashian loves her show and she wants to travel to California in order to do a reading for her.

Kim Kardashian has always loved the psychic ideas and paranormal things and so this is just another way for her to be connected.  There have been times where she has hung out with Theresa Caputo, the medium from “Long Island Medium,” and she even gets psychic readings from other famous psychics such as Jayne Wallace.

When Kim meets the Mama Medium and gets to talk to her, chances are her and Kim will be lifelong friends.  Mama believes that her and her family are ready to take a trip to the West and meet up with Kim Kardashian.

Jeannie Marie, known as Mama Medium, is a psychic and a clairvoyant and tells the future and talks to people that have passed on.  She has said that she has been looking at pictures of Kim Kardashian and has felt another presence around her, maybe the grandmother, but she is not sure yet.  Mama Medium has also seen pictures of Kim Kardashian’s dad that passed away.

Producers from TLC are reaching out to Kim Kardashian so that they can set up a meeting with Mama Medium.  Have an online psychic reading for Kim Kardashian seems like it could be a dream come true.


A psychic medium is a person that is able to tune into the energy field and read the aura of other spirits.  This person can get information and is able to tune into the information of someone that is no longer in their physical body.

Most mediums can connect with spirits that have already crossed over and with spirits that are still bound to the earth.  These spirits are sometimes called “ghosts.”  A medium will be able to communicate with a family who have lost a loved one or a friend.  Sometimes, when a spirit has only been passed for a few hours, the medium can communicate to them and give the family information that they are seeking.

A medium can often times be able to give very detailed information during a reading and the reading should be aimed at your loved one or your friend that you are seeking to connect with.  Mediums are considered channel guides or angels because they are able to make these strong connections.

Each connection should be something that the family is able to relate to so that they know if the medium is giving a good reading or not.  It is important that people pay attention to who they get to do their reading because with mediumship comes many frauds and people that are out just to make a buck or two.

Finding a Good Reader

Make sure when you pick a good reader that you do not do phone hot lines or mediums that make you pay by the minute.  A good medium that has a good reputation will give you a set price and will only charge that.

Make sure that you check the credentials of your medium before you decide which one you are going to pick.  Never pick a psychic that you have a bad feeling about.


A medium will be able to have clear seeing or will be clairvoyant so that they can speak to your family or friend. Many of them will be clairaudient which means clear hearing as well and will be able to hear voices and speak to the dead.

It is important that you find a good medium so that you do not have a bad reading.  Check who you are picking and make sure that you make smart choices when it comes to the medium you choose.

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