Being an Empath

Our world is full of different people and over the past few years, people have been exploring the idea of empathy and people that are very sensitive. Our world and our social realms are important to talk about because being an empath, a psychic or someone that is very sensitive is important and can give you new information.

When you go through your life journey, you will gather different information and become aware of who you are. Your mind will let you know what is happening but will also show you things that are happening outside of your life. You can learn to be willing to feel things and to get feedback from others and learn more than you ever imagined about your own self.

Being very sensitive to what is going on can help to increase your psychic giftings and mature the gifts that you have had since you were young. Some people are able to feel the feelings and moods of others and these people can end up being healers.

HSP or Highly Sensitive Person

Someone that is overly sensitive has stimuli that are sensitive. They process their mind and emotions differently and they think and feel many things.


Someone that is an empath has a strong spiritual connection with other people and they are aware of what someone is feeling and thinking. They are almost forced to walk in the shoes of others, and they are aware of what other people are feeling. This can impact an empath very strictly and being an empath is not just a passing thing but a lifestyle.


Someone that has a sixth sense or intuition has a gifting that they were born with. This can be mediumship or the clair giftings and this has likely been there since they were young. Psychics can get information from their mind, voices, visions, flashes and more and the giftings are always different depending on the person.

Individuals will get information from their surroundings in different ways. They will experience things that they might not know where they came from, but this does not mean that all psychics have ethical standards.

A psychic that will give you dates or tell you that you are going to die or will tell you that your husband is cheating on you might not be an empath. They know that something is happening and there is information, but they will not give it to you in a way that is sensitive or caring about your feelings. These types of psychics are not gifted in empathy and they have to experience this and have more values in order to feel things that others feel.

If you wonder if it is possible to be both an empath and a psychic, the truth is yes. People that are psychic can practice being more ethical and develop their empathy. They can do this by developing their giftings and understanding of others.

Do you ever feel that you have stories where you connected with others that feel that they should not be loved or respected? Have you ever been put down because of your emotional situations or for being vulnerable? Many times, HSP, psychics or empaths will feel that they are not safe to share their feelings, and this leaves them feeling alone and lonely and not seeking their real calling.

Society has made people addicted to things such as social media and movies. They tell us how to feel and hide the truth of what people are really feeling. When you are one with these giftings, you might get an illness that causes you to disconnect from the Earth. This is why where are lightworkers that can help you.


If you have a way to focus on what is going on inside or you find that you are overstimulated in big crowds, chances are you are a lightworker.

Here are some things lightworkers experience:

  • Allergies
  • Being stressed out.
  • Low levels of serotonin.
  • Problems with digestion and nervous system.
  • Strong emotions that you cannot explain.
  • Strong feelings when something isn’t right.
  • Someone pops into your min out of nowhere.

If you said yes to any of these things, chances are you are an empath or a highly sensitive person, or even a psychic. You should explore these gifts and see how these gifts can help you and allow you to help others.

Everyone has a balance in their life, but some have tools that are strong. Empaths and HSP often need to be prepared to protect themselves because of their compassion and their feelings but the truth is that you can be condiment in yourself and understand who you are and you can learn how to ground yourself.

Know your sensitivity and remain rooted in what you have in your life. You can learn to stay rooted in who you are and to help others while taking care of your own self and knowing what the space around you looks like.

A light worker has to be both self-serving and giving to others.

What does it take for a lightworker to take care of themselves? How can feelings be identified and what system allows you to check yourself? Never feel overwhelmed by caring about your feelings because you have to learn to explore who you are and to seek guidance when you need it.


When you are a highly sensitive person, the world can be overwhelming. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Spend at least 8 hours sleeping.
  • Meditate every day.
  • Make meditation a habit.
  • Use self or guided meditation.
  • Listen to quiet music and learn to relax.
  • Take up dancing.
  • Take time for yourself.
  • Have vacations and down time.
  • Have earplugs for loud noises.
  • Keep a scarf or a pillow to snuggle with.
  • Keep essential oils close by.
  • Ground yourself with crystals.
  • Write in your journal.


It is important for the empath to affirm his or herself. Here are some that you can say each day to help keep yourself grounded:

  • I am an empath and I am in control of my own feelings.
  • My heart is my safe place. I visit my heart before I help others.
  • I want to hear the real truth and I honor the universe.
  • I need to know that I am sensitive but that I am strong.
  • My love is strong, and I can say no when I need to.
  • Grounding myself is a powerful thing.
  • My compassion is good, and it is powerful.
  • I take care of myself first and others second.
  • When I am overwhelmed, I become aware of my heart’s center.

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